• Pomegranate – a super-fruit!

    pomegranate & healthy skinWe’re sure you’ve heard at least one or two good things about pomegranate. And more or less, you’ve used it at least once – fresh fruit or juice, flavor or extract, food or …face cream! If you still don’t know how pomegranate can help your skin, read on. 

    Pomegranate is definitely the fruit with some of the most beneficial antioxidants for skincare – green tea, Vitamin C are other types of antioxidants, just not as powerful. Studies about its health benefits demonstrate how this little fruit with punchy seeds can fight free radical damage, premature aging and change your whole body health for the best. With such great qualities and, why not, a nice fragrance, pomegranate is widely used in skincare formulas, contributing with antioxidant, nourishing and protective benefits. Rich in polyphenols, pomegranate extract reduces and combats the effects of aging. You can call it a ‘wrinkle enemy’ and make sure it’s your skin ally every day!


    Fact: Antioxidants are chemicals that prevent oxidation. They fight free radicals by neutralizing them before they can attach themselves to the cell membranes, eventually destroying the cell. They are also added to cosmetics in order to prevent oxidation of the ingredients.

    Pomegranate extract is usually the pomegranate seed oil which is commonly used for the preparation of cosmetic formulas with antioxidant qualities. As a multi-valued ingredient in such products, pomegranate helps heal irritated or dry skin, revitalizes aging skin, improves skin quality, has anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial and repairing properties.

    Fact:Free radicals are an important factor of skin aging.

    Antioxidants help skin regenerate faster and retain moisture – which is essential for a youthful looking skin. Pomegranate oil is helpful for very dry skin or for skin damaged by sunburns, it helps improve the quality of the skin and speeds up the healing process by promoting regeneration and strengthening of the epidermis.

    The positive effects of antioxidants don’t end here. The important role of antioxidants in cancer prevention is still being researched but current results point out their power in treating and preventing forms of cancer. Pomegranate in skincare helps fight skin disease and types of cancer associated with sun exposure, among other factors. Paired with SPF ingredients, pomegranate is proven to boost their efficiency in UV protection.

    Fact: Antioxidants do prevent several types of cancers, including skin cancer.

    Do not ignore the importance of this great fruit for your health and for your well-being – it’s been treasured since the ancient times. In it you can find one of the many keys to beauty and youthfulness. Your skin will love it!

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