• 3 Skin loving fruits you should try


    fruit and skincare

    Pomelo – This amazing citrus fruit is loaded with vitamins A, B and C and lots of beneficial minerals like calcium and magnesium. B vitamins are vital for cellular metabolism and can easily be stripped from the body by stress and medication. Pomelo also helps eliminate toxins, tones the capillaries and fights free radical damage. Eating a few a week will also support your entire body’s health.

    Zesty tip: Choose the darker colored pomelos like dark pink which have a higher concentration of nutrients. Remember, the brighter the color of the fruit or vegetable, the more densely packed with nutrients it is!

    Pineapple – Clear skin from the inside out! Eating pineapple or drinking pineapple juice is proven to be helpful for several skin problems. It promotes cellular hydration and contributes to skin’s elasticity by encouraging collagen synthesis, it helps clear breakouts thanks to the anti-inflammatory enzyme called bromelain.

    Juicy tip: Use a bit of pineapple juice on your face and leave it on for 15 minutes. The fruit enzymes clean and shrink the pores and reduce inflammation while vitamins nourish the skin.

    Mango – It’s also known as the “king of fruit” and it is one of the most beneficial fruits for health. It’s contents of amino acids, vitamins C, magnesium, beta carotene and potassium help maintain glowing skin at any age. Eating it promotes cellular hydration and applying mango masks helps clear the pores and improving hydration.

    Tasty tip: Include it in your veggie of greens salads!

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