• 5 Benefits of Lemon for Your Skin


    If you need a quick remedy for dull, oily and aging skin, look no further than your fridge! If you don’t have sensitive skin, lemons can help your complexion in different ways:

    Exfoliating – Dull skin begone! Exfoliate with lemon to maintain clear, youthful skin! Lemon fruit acids are ideal for gentle exfoliation; add the vitamin content of lemons and you’ve got a complete skincare treatment right in your kitchen. To exfoliate, apply lemon juice on clean skin for 5-10 minutes then rinse.

    Brightening and whitening – It’s not a secret anymore that one of the best natural whitening products is lemon.

    Rub half a lemon on your face or any darker spots like elbows and knees. Leave it on overnight. Repeat every day until you notice improvement in pigmentation. But remember to use sunscreen all the time for increased protection!

    Toning – Revive skin instantly with a diluted lemon solution made of 1 part lemon juice and 3 parts water. For an extra boost of freshness, use mineral sparkling water and spritz it on your entire face,  then let it dry for a few minutes. You can rinse a few minutes later if there’s any sticky residue left.

    Fighting acne – Lemons are great for acne prone skin because they have mild antimicrobial and astringent properties. Put lemon juice on a cotton pad and wipe your face – or just your t-zone- with it.  Leave overnight and wake up to fresh, radiant skin. Once you wash it off in the morning you’ll notice smoother, balanced skin, and in time, diminished breakouts.

    Anti-aging – The high Vitamin C content makes lemons ideal for anti-aging treatments. Whether it’s genetic aging or environmental aging damage, Vitamin C helps rebuild collagen and nourish your skin to make wrinkles appear smoother.  Use lemon juice every day after cleansing and leave on for a few minutes like a regular mask. Natural enzymes will gently exfoliate while vitamins and minerals deeply nourish your skin.  To boost the benefits of lemon treatments, use a Vitamin C based moisturizer afterwards.


    • Great tips! I love lemon for brightening and strengthening my nails. After squeezing the juice out of half a lemon, I just dip my fingertips into the inside of the leftovers and rub it all over my nails, before I throw the peel into the trash. My nails are left strong, shiny and bright.

    • Great post. I have been using lemon after I wash my face with honey not only does my skin look great but my acne is almost all cleared up. It is also much cheaper as I know dont buy expensive face wash, astrigents and creams. Befor my skin would get either get too oily or dry, now it is just the right balance.

      I also credit lemon for clearing up a horrible deoderant rash that was not clearing up with all the other skin care items I tried that were specifically meant for it. It burned a little, but it was worth it.

    • I love when natural products prove to be great for skin care. I hadn’t considered it for wrinkles before. But it makes perfect sense as an anti aging skin care additive.

    • These are really great tips.I always prefer to use natural products to take care of my skin.I’m currently using LEMON to clear up my acne scars on my back,I hope it’ll help since I never used it before so I’m still waiting for results

    • How does it work for dark spots on the face..I need a good directory, would the lemon be prefared alone by wiping the face with cotton or prefared by mixing it with milk or honey?

    • Only jst started using it.but it burns n irritates skin @ time.

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