• 5 Reasons Why Coconut Might Just Be The Ultimate Superfood

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    It seems like we can’t go a week without hearing about a new superfood. In most cases this is just a marketing term people use to get us to buy more of a certain type of food because of the supposed health benefits, but with coconut it’s a little different. Coconuts might actually be one of the best foods on the planet and everyone should include more of them in their diet. I want to talk to you about some of the main reasons why you don’t want to live without them any longer.


    Increase your energy expenditure

    If you want to lose weight quickly you need to burn as much energy as possible. You can’t just keep reducing the amount of calories you eat because there will come a point when you don’t have the energy to do anything. Start eating lots of coconuts and it will automatically increase your energy expenditure because of the MCT in contains. In one study they found that eating around 30 grams of MCT can help you burn an extra 120 calories per day, which really adds up after a year.


    Very healthy populations

    Most western populations have a terrible carb-rich diet and we suffer from deadly diseases. Some populations around the world are a lot healthier than us even though they don’t have access to nearly as much medicine. The biggest difference between both of us is the diet and they eat a huge amount of coconuts. Some populations in the South Pacific have a diet made up of around 60% coconut, so instead of eating a Mediterranean diet we should maybe be eating more like them instead.


    Powerful medicinal properties

    The medium chain triglycerides found in coconuts have a number of different medicinal purposes once they turn into ketones. They’re especially helpful to anyone suffering from brain disorders, so epileptics and Alzheimer’s patients will benefit greatly from them. Alzheimer’s patients end up with more brain function because the ketones help feed their brain with energy. They’ve found glucose doesn’t quite cut it, so if you know anyone suffering from the debilitating disease you might want to give them a coconut.


    Lowers risk of heart disease

    Heart disease is one of the big killers and according to statistics there is a big chance you will die from it many years from now. Wouldn’t you try anything to prevent that from happening? Coconut are full of saturated fat and we’re only just finding out they’re not the devil we once thought they were. They will lower your cholesterol and over the long term it will reduce your chances of suffering from heart disease. It seems like a very good reason to incorporate them into your diet.


    It will kill your hunger

    The reason most people are overweight is because they can’t stop stuffing food down their throat. For some reason we eat a lot more than we should even though we don’t need it for energy. Have you ever noticed how sugary food is just makes you even hungrier? When you eat a lot of coconut it will help to kill your hunger and you will be able to resist eating more food much easier. The ketone bodies released when the fatty acids are metabolized give you this appetite reducing effect.


    Are you impressed yet?

    Hopefully what we’ve talked about today might make you think twice before you stick another sugary cake into your mouth. Start eating coconut right away and you’ll notice your health improve within a few weeks. There are thousands of coconut recipes on the internet and you’ll never run out of ways to use some when you’re cooking.


    Ron Barker, the author of this article, is an employee at CT Acupuncture Center, providers of acupuncture treatments in New Canaan, CT. Ron loves art and can be frequently seen at various art exhibitions

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