• 5 Ways To Protect Your Skin While You’re At Work



    If you want to look beautiful you need to look after your skin no matter where you are. Some people neglect their skin while at work, so we’re going to look at a few ways you can stop that from happening to you.


    Moisturize your hands


    When you work in a big office building you notice something strange after a while. The air sometimes feels really dry and it’s almost as if the moisture has been sucked out of it. That isn’t good news for your skin because it will get too dry and it will end up damaged. You can solve this by keeping some moisturizer in your desk drawer so you can use it throughout the day. Don’t carry it around in your handbag because you might forget it.


    Humidifier alternative


    You don’t need to have a humidifier in the office to take advantage of the benefits you’d get from owning one. Just get a bowl of water and keep it on the side of your desk. You might also want to drink more water throughout the day because it’s unlikely you drink enough at the moment. That doesn’t mean you should drink 10 cups of coffee because it’s not the same. A few cups won’t hurt, but keep a large bottle of water on your desk and drink from it regularly.


    Get some fresh air


    Are you one of those hard workers who never leaves their desk? Do you stare at your screen all day until it’s time to go home? From now on you should try to get out more often. Go for a long walk at lunch time and it will let your skin get some fresh air. If you can’t afford to take a decent break at lunch because you have lots of work to do you can open the windows. Make sure everyone is happy about it first otherwise you might have a few angry work colleagues on your hands.


    Watch out for stress


    If you don’t suffer from stress you’re lucky because these days it’s more common than ever. Everyone who works in a tough job probably gets a little stressed out every so often which is okay, but you must make sure it doesn’t spiral out of control. Stress is one of those mental conditions that can manifest into physical problems and your skin is one of the areas that can be affected. Make sure you unwind every day when you get home and you won’t run into trouble.


    Keep active at work


    Exercise is another important thing when it comes to battling skin conditions. How often do you see a fit person with horrible skin? Instead of sitting at your desk all day you should get up every so often to move around. If you want something you should walk over to get it instead of asking someone to email it to you. Walk up the stairs even if the elevator isn’t broken. If you stay active you won’t need to worry about your skin as much as your lazy colleagues.


    This post has been contributed by Karen Fernandes, a freelance blogger who enjoys sharing her views on skin rejuvenation and other related topics online. Her hobbies include gardening and calligraphy. You can follow her on Twitter for more information.

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