• 6 Great Ways To Deal With An Eczema Breakout The Natural Way




    Anyone suffering from eczema doesn’t need to turn to harmful chemicals straight away.
    The worst thing about eczema is the impact it has on your self-worth. Just because you’re suffering from it it doesn’t mean there aren’t ways you can make it better. Let’s look at a few options you have and you can test a few of them out for yourself.


    Cut dairy out of your diet


    Did you know the human body can’t process dairy effectively? Most people won’t notice any difference and at the other end of the scale you have people who are lactose intolerant. Pasteurized dairy might have a negative effect on your eczema so you should cut it out for a while. I don’t want you to think dairy is something to avoid forever, but it’s worth giving up for a month to see what happens.


    Replace acid producing foods


    When you buy meat from the supermarket you don’t know what you’re actually paying for. Most animals are fed on tons of dreadful grains and it affects the quality of their meat. You should test out grass-fed meat for a while to see if it makes any difference. It might cost you a little more money, but if it helps your eczema I’m sure it’s a price you’ll be willing to pay.


    Eat more green vegetables


    These days we don’t eat enough leafy green vegetables, which is a shame because they contain a huge amount of beneficial vitamins and minerals. From now on you should attempt to eat as many vegetables as possible. If you can’t eat them all off your plate you can easily throw them in the blender to make a nice smoothie. Raw vegetables also make great snacks you can nibble on throughout the day.


    Avocado and aloe vera


    This one might sound strange unless you’ve tried it before, but if you have a bad breakout you can try applying a mixture of avocado and aloe vera to soothe and moisturize the skin. You will have to put both of them into a bowl and mix it until a thick paste forms. Take the paste and massage it into your skin then wait around 20 minutes until you take it off with warm water.


    Hydration is important


    You can’t underestimate how important water is when you’re suffering from eczema. Even if you don’t have a skin disease water is still a great way to keep skin healthy. It’s always good to stay hydrated at all times, but be very careful about how you do this. It’s maybe in your best interests to stay away from coffee because caffeine can affect your eczema, or at the very least stick to decaf.


    Remove gluten from your diet


    A lot of people are affected by gluten yet they have no idea how harmful it is. You might go your entire life without any problems, but if you end up with a breakout or even IBS it might be because your body reacts very badly to gluten. You will need to cut out cereals, bread, and anything else that contains gluten then you can replace it with much healthier alternatives.


    This post has been contributed by Karen Fernandes, a freelance blogger who speaks highly of the hair and scalp therapy offered at Kiki’s Salon Chateau. Her hobbies include gardening and calligraphy. You can follow her on Twitter for more information.


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