• A fragranced help: rose water and acne

    rose water and acne treatmentSpring always brings out nature’s best for our skin. Flower essences are efficient and enjoyable remedies for different skin conditions. Not many know about the rose water skincare properties today, although this has been a very precious and commonly used ingredient in oriental skincare for centuries. This delicious flavor, a delight in cookies or pastry, can turn your skin into your own delight. 

    Rose water can be used to clean and tone the skin. Its astringent properties make it ideal for oily or normal skin, but also very suitable for sensitive types of skin because it is not as harsh as other astringents. Used in various skincare formulas for its fragrance but also the pore-tightening properties, rose water improves skin tone and oil balance and is suitable for all skin “ages”. As one of the oldest types of cleansers in the world, rose water helps speed up healing of different lesions, including acne and acne scars. Rose water has been successfully used in treating and removing acne scars and discolorations, especially in combination with other natural ingredients like lemon juice.

    But what is rose water? It is based on essential oils obtained via steam distillation of crushed rose petals or rose buds. Rose water is frequently used in Asian cuisine and its beneficial skincare properties have been discovered in Persia and Egypt in the ancient times. A revered beauty treatment at the time, it still remains a gentle and beneficial cosmetic ingredient meant to keep your skin rose-velvety.
    One of the best natural solutions for skin, not necessarily for powerful healing qualities but rather for its ‘skin loving’ qualities, rose water soothes skin, moisturizes, softens and provides a pleasant scent. This natural tonic has mild anti bacterial properties and helps cleanse the skin, preventing infections and acne breakouts. Natural rose water can be purchased at various stores or pharmacies but can also be prepared at home. It is best when it’s pure, undiluted, without preservatives or additives and artificial fragrances.


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