• A key element for beautiful skin: Zinc


    zinc and beautiful skin
    This might be a less talked about ingredient but it has an important role in skincare and its benefits are numerous. Its main properties are astringent, healing, regenerating, anti inflammatory and generally strengthening for the whole immune system. Zinc is an essential mineral in overall health. In skin care products, the frequently used derivate of Zinc is Zinc Oxide.
    Zinc will help the skin by contributing to the regeneration of skin tissue and by healing lesions, acne, and other types of skin conditions. Usually a wound that wouldn’t heal can be a sign of the lack of Zinc in your body. By supplying the necessary quantity of this mineral, the healing process can improve significantly. Zinc helps in the synthesis/production of collagen and the proper function of certain enzymes that are necessary for repairing the skin condition after a wound.
    With its astringent qualities, Zinc can help restore oily skin problems and act as an anti-inflammatory. It can soothe and calm itches and rashes or even skin conditions like certain types of dermatitis. There is evidence that Zinc deficiency is what might actually cause these types of skin problems.
    Another skin condition that Zinc is said to heal is acne. With its astringent and anti inflammatory qualities it contributes to healing breakouts but a direct link between this element and acne healing has not yet been established. However, It is known that Zinc can significantly help in skin problems such as dandruff.
    One of the most important properties of Zinc is the natural sun screen quality: Zinc oxide can effectively block the UV rays and therefore it is often used in SPF moisturizers and lotions.
    The best sources to get natural Zinc from: meat (oysters and red meat especially), eggs, milk, whole cereal, some vegetables like beans etc. Zinc’s action is very much boosted by the presence of Vitamin A and it is recommended to include such elements in your diet as they will help with the absorption of Zinc. Vitamin A also needs Zinc for proper delivery from the liver to the skin cells. As you know, Vitamin A is essential in skin care.
    Overall, Zinc is very efficient in strengthening the immune system and plays an important role in various body functions, apart from generally supporting the growth of the human body. In skin care, this element is central in regeneration and healthy cell turnover.

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