• Acne & Combination Skin Care Concerns


    If you struggle with acne and are searching for an effective acne treatment product, your challenge can be intensified if you also deal with combination skin. Combination skin, which is actually considered the most normal skin type, generally means a combination of drier skin on your cheeks and oilier skin in your T-Zone, which is the area that includes your forehead, nose, upper lip and chin (essentially forming a “T” on your face). When you try to get rid of acne on your T-Zone, you can ultimately also end up drying out your dry spots even more. So what is the solution for getting rid of acne and having healthy skin if your skin type is combination skin?


    Combination Skin & Acne Treatment Tip #1: Use a Gentle Skin Cleanser

    The first and most important thing to remember is that your skin cleanser will be the product that needs to touch all of the areas of your face, so be sure to select a gentle skin cleanser. If you are using an acne skin cleanser, you may want to actually consider switching to a cleanser that doesn’t specifically include an acne medication and instead is rich in antioxidants and other natural ingredients to help balance skin tone. You can always use your treatment step to treat your acne breakout areas. What you don’t want to do is use a cleanser that is so harsh that it dries out your dry skin areas. It may even cause additional breakouts in some areas as well by agitating skin in more sensitive areas that aren’t generally acne prone.


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    Combination Skin & Acne Treatment Tip #2: Apply Acne Treatment to the T-Zone Only

    While many acne treatments suggest that you apply them to your entire face to prevent breakouts from even beginning, if you have combination skin you should only apply your acne treatment directly to the T-Zone in order to avoid drying out or agitating your drier skin. If you use an acne spot treatment in addition to a full treatment layer, you can use the spot treatment to address any blemishes that form outside of your T-Zone.


    Combination Skin & Acne Treatment Tip #3: Look for Products Specifically for Combination Skin

    There are plenty of skin care products in the world that are specifically formulated to help even out the texture of combination skin. Typically these skin care products feature antioxidants that are designed to balance oil levels naturally while also hydrating skin. Do your research and read some skin care product reviews of products for combination skin and then slowly try those products until you find the ones that are right for you. Remember, finding the right skin care products for acne treatment can be a journey.


    Combination Skin & Acne Treatment Tip #4: Moisturize Your Entire Face

    For many people with acne-prone, combination skin, the thought is only to apply moisturizer to the drier areas of skin because the T-Zone is oily enough. However, in truth, you should be applying an oil-free moisturizer, such as Skin Perfecting Lotion, to your entire face. Healthy skin is hydrated skin, and by hydrating your T-Zone you can actually help to normalize oil production.


    Combination skin can be a challenge for anybody, but it can be particularly challenging if your T-Zone is not only oily, it’s also prone to acne breakouts. Follow the tips above, though, and you’ll soon be experiencing healthy and balanced skin.


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    • The above article is very helpful! I also wanted to mention that I started an acne laser treatment as products on their own were not working. I go to the Toronto Cosmetic Clinic, and I am almost done my sessions (I have my 6th out of 8th one next week). I had mild acne, and this helped a ton! I go once a week, and it is not painful at all!. I am going to try to do chemical peels after this to maintain the results. They taught me similar steps for my skin care routine, to the article above just to maintain my skin at home. I think that maintenance and correct products are key! Very helpful!!

    • Laser treatments are the best way to remove acne scars and also other skin problems.
      Any dermatologist would recommend moisturizing creams and oils even after such a treatment because we still have to take care of our skin even if the laser treatment fixed all problems.
      It’s an endless fight against aging signs or skin imperfections, but it we want to look great it’s a sacrifice that must be done.

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