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    The exact cause of acne is still unknown, though this skin disorder is highly manageable with the proper treatment and skincare routine. But how does one prevent acne from happening? We know it’s essential to cleanse, tone and moisturize your skin in order to maintain it health and smooth appearance. But acne can happen at any time, on any type of skin and it can’t simply be eliminated by drying your skin or with harsh solutions. Especially those who are acne prone need to take better care of their skin and use skincare formulas that combine antibacterial action with antioxidants and hydrators that nourish the skin. Becoming a sort of skin sleuth could be the best prevention method. The more you know, the more you can help balance your skin and maintain a clear, healthy complexion. What else is to be done? 


    Cleanse/Tone. Treat/Repair. Hydrate/Protect
    Just three simple steps, two times a day to achieve and maintain clear and healthy skin. Look for skincare products that combine antioxidants, anti-inflammatories and hydrating ingredients. Do not avoid hydrators as moisture is essential even for troubled skin and necessary for oily complexions. Cosmetics are fine but often fail to treat the problem, so look for non-comedogenic products with acne medication, vitamin C and soothing botanicals like aloe vera, menthol or chamomile.
    It’s important to find a skincare line that’s scientifically advanced and clinically proven to help stop, heal and prevent acne and breakouts. Look for skincare regimens that include all three essential steps you need to follow, and of course look for products that are backed by experienced dermatologists. Products should effectively reduce excess oil and skin cell build up, while alleviating irritated skin.
    Remember: You are an individual, not a generic acne-case. If you have sensitive skin or aging skin, customize a skincare regimen to fit your needs and treat all problems not only acne. A complete regimen will help your skin regain balance and function optimally. 

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    Regular exercise keeps your heart rate up and your blood pressure down. Good blood circulation also improves the skin tone as it maintains it irrigated. Do you jog, cycle or swim in a wetsuit? If you work up a sweat, you can also work up acne. Blemishes can appear on your face, as well as your chest, back and shoulders. Wear natural cotton fabrics, with little to no synthetic fibers. Purchase athletic clothing that draws moisture from the skin. If you don’t have time to shower after a workout, carry medicated cleansing pads and wipe away excess oil and bacteria. Use a medicated deep pore cleanser everyday on your face and body.Apply masks, peels and lotions with a clean sponge and do not use old sponges that collect bacteria. 

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