• A Primer on Acne Spot Treatments


    How to Apply an Acne Spot TreatmentIf you’ve already established a regular acne treatment regimen that gives you clear, beautiful skin for a long time to come, the occasional pimple will still pop up. It’s always at a really inconvenient time – like right when you’re having an important event that will cause some stress – and always in the most obvious place, like smack dab in the middle of your forehead. In cases like this, you’ll want to use an acne spot treatment that can act as an acne medication to target a specific breakout. So when you have to use a spot treatment, what should you be looking for, how should you use an acne spot treatment, and what’s the most effective acne treatment when you’re choosing an acne spot solution?


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    Murad’s effective Acne Complex® system includes an Acne Spot Treatment that’s designed specifically for those inconvenient breakouts. The ingredients in the Murad Canada Acne Spot Treatment use both Salicylic Acid and sulfur to help clear out pores and heal spot acne without causing irritation or redness. You always want to look for an acne spot treatment that won’t cause redness or irritation, because products that over-dry your skin can lead to future breakouts. You also, obviously, don’t want to increase red spots when you’re actively trying to get rid of them. What else can you do to help combat those single pimples?


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    Resist the Urge to Pick

    When a pimple appears, our first instinct is to pick at it because we think that will clear up our skin. In fact, picking is the worst thing you could do, because the irritation can cause further breakouts and can lead to scarring. Let the acne spot treatment do its work to heal your skin. Don’t pick!


    Don’t Use Products that Over-Dry Your Skin

    So many acne spot treatment products are made to dry up pimples quickly by using Benzoyl Peroxide. On the one hand, your pimple will heal, but Benzoyl Peroxide can cause redness and can irritate your skin, leading to more breakouts and possible scarring. Over-drying your skin can lead to dead skin cells clogging your pores, so make sure that your acne spot treatment doesn’t over-dry your skin, even if it’s just a single pimple.


    Use and Acne Spot Treatment ASAP

    Don’t wait until you actually see a whitehead appearing before you use an acne spot treatment. As soon as you feel a pimple start to form, that’s when you start using your acne spot treatment!


    Be Patient with Your Acne Spot Treatment

    Once you’ve applied your acne spot treatment, trust in it to work effectively. Don’t stress about your pimple – it will only make things worse. Be patient with your acne spot treatment! You can’t get rid of acne overnight!


    There will be those times where a pimple will appear and you’ll have to treat it right on the spot. But when it happens, you don’t have to over-do it. Make sure that you’re thinking of your skin’s health – after all, over-drying your skin just to clear up one pimple can lead to more pimples!


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