• Tips for Effective Men’s Acne Treatment

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    Picking the right kind of acne treatment regimen is important for everyone, women and men alike. While women and men do get acne from similar causes, acne treatment for women and men have to address different needs. For men, when you enter a more active lifestyle and shaving into the equation, their skin care products and needs can be a little more complicated than for women. But complication doesn’t have to mean that men can’t have great-looking, acne-free skin in both the short and the long-term! The right combination of ingredients that will clear pores, moisturize the skin, and soothe irritation will give any man great-looking, clear and healthy skin.


    More Active Men Still Need Acne Treatment

    Because men tend to be more active in sports as well as having an exercise regimen, they are more susceptible to sweat-induced acne, meaning they have to wash their faces more often than women. To make sure that their faces aren’t irritated from all the washing, men’s acne treatments should be gentle on their faces. Washing their faces more than twice a day can cause dryness and irritation that can lead to clogged pores, so make sure a midday workout includes a toner that will clear out the pores without dehydrating the face. Also, because men tend to sweat more, they are more susceptible to back and body acne. Any complete acne treatment regimen for men should include a product that not only treats and prevents acne on the face but also works as a body acne or back acne treatment product.


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    Include Exfoliation and Soothing Ingredients in Men’s Acne Treatment Products

    Removing surface dirt and dead skin cells to clear pores and prevent breakouts is just as important for men as it is for women. Facial hairs can cause more dead skin cells to build up on the face, causing more breakouts, making shaving irritating on the skin. Shaving can also cause redness and irritation that can lead to acne breakouts, so a men’s acne treatment should include a soothing agent to reduce the redness and irritation that shaving causes. Women don’t have the extra skin care complication of running a razor across their face. That is a challenge for men alone!


    Men’s Acne Treatment Should Address Clogged Pores and Ingrown Hairs

    Because more facial hair means more dead skin cells on the face, men’s acne treatment is a constant battle to clear pores for great-looking, healthy skin. Even men who aren’t necessarily acne-prone are susceptible to the occasional breakout due to clogged pores! Ingrown hairs can also clog pores, meaning bacteria can get into those pores and lead to breakouts. For an effective long-term acne treatment solution, a regular routine of exfoliation and moisturizing will help protect the skin from breakouts down the line. Skin will be smoother and softer, as well, which is an extra bonus!


    Just because men have different needs from women when it comes to acne treatment, that doesn’t mean it’s difficult to establish an effective acne treatment routine to combat breakouts and protect the skin from future ones. The right routine of exfoliation, moisturizing, and soothing ingredients will keep men’s skin looking good for days to come!


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