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    Are you wondering what real life customers have to say about Murad’s best acne treatment products? The following our our best selling acne treatments, from cleansers to acne spot treatments.  And the following acne treatment product reviews were submitted by real users and appear to you completely unedited. Find the  right acne solution for you with the full collection of Murad products to help you in your quest to get rid of acne.


    Murad Acne Complex Kit Reviews


    Murad Acne Complex Treatment Kit ReviewValistia from Chicago, IL
    Age: 19-25
    “I’ve tried kits like Proactiv as well as over the counter products for years….nothing has ever given me the results I’ve gotten using the Murad Acne Complex Kit! I had acne all through my teens and now in my 20′s I knew something had to be done. It doesn’t dry my skin out like the other products did and I started seeing results after only a week of use. I have already gotten my younger sister to start using it, and I would recommend it to anyone!” Get clear with Acne Complex starting today! 


    nativehoosier from Albuquerque, New Mexico
    Age: 60+
    “I began using this package about 8 months ago, and I watched my breakouts go away. My skin was completely clear and smooth for my wedding in December ’08, and that was amazing, considering all the craziness that goes with wedding plans. Now when I see a blemish begin, I put on the Acne Control Treatment and the blemish is gone in 48 hours. This treatment plan works better than anything I ever got at a dermatologist’s office. I first bought the TV infomercial package that also includes the Toner, and it is an essential part of the package. Now I just reorder online when I need to. I also like the products made for anti-aging, since I am 60—but my skin is wrinkle-free.” Get Acne Complex treatment products now! 


    Barista from Dallas, Texas
    Age: 19-25
    “I have used many, many, many other acne products; none have successfully cleared up my acne, except Murad! I admit, before using the product I was very skeptical. It’s a little pricey but WELL WORTH the money that you spend. My biggest tip: do NOT overuse the product. If you have patience and wait at least 1-2 months you will see amazing results. Give your skin time to heal and purify! I’m so happy that I used Murad!” Get Acne Complex now! 


    Clarifying Acne Cleanser Reviews

    lilmisst from Wisconsin
    Murad Acne Cleanser ReviewAge: 19-25
    “I love this product! I have tried everything and this is the product that works for me! I have been using Murad for 3 years..and would never use anything else. You get what you pay for. This cleanser leaves your skin smelling and feeling fresh. I just love it!” Get your acne face cleanser today! 


    KitKat1183 from San Angelo, TX
    Age: 26-35
    “I first purchased this cleanser in the Acne Complex Kit and loved it right away! I immediately saw a difference in my skin and saw the blemishes start to go away. This is my second one and it cleans my skin better than anything I have ever tried! My skin feels amazing and refreshed after using this product. Love it!!!!” Start to work to get rid of acne with Clarifying Cleanser. 


    Manu from Kailua-Kona, HI
    Age: 26-35
    “My esthetician recommended I switch to the Clarifying Cleanser from my old facial cleanser. She said the antibacterial qualities in the Clarifying Cleanser would make a huge difference in my moderate acne. I switched that day and never went back. It has made a huge difference in my skin!” Get your acne cleanser now! 


    Murad Back Acne Treatment Wash  Reviews

    Back Acne Treatment Wash Reviewskpong from Pennsylvania
    Age: 19-25
    “I have always had acne on my back and upper chest area. When I started using this wash i felt that for the first time I was actually cleaning my body. My acne has dramatically disappeared especially on my upper chest area. I am incredibly pleased with this product and will continue to use it.” Start to clear back & body acne today! 


    shabby from texas
    Age: 26-35
    “This really works! I have bought everything you can think of to clear my back. Nothing ever worked. Purchasing Murad was the last thing I was going to try before going to a dermotologist. Well, I don’t have to go to a doctor after all. My back looked terrible, but I have been using Murad for 3 months now and I am so happy with the results.” Clear & treat back acne with Acne Body Wash. 


    July from Seattle, WA
    Age: 19-25
    “I love, love, love this body wash. I have tried a lot of products for my “backne”. It feels like the Murad cleans deeper than the Neutrogene and is definitely less harsh. Also? The smell is wonderful. It’s not flowery–which I hate–or too strong. It’s soft and unisex without smelling “mannish”. My skin feels smoother and softer.” Get your Acne Body Wash. 


    Murad Acne Treatment Products
    What’s Your Acne Concern?Looking for acne treatment products that heal the causes of acne? Murad acne treatment products help to clear up hormonal acne, adult acne and
    even post-acne marks. See the full collection & find the acne solution for you.


    Murad Acne Spot Treatment Reviews

    Murad Acne Spot Treatment ReviewMissy1968 from Chillicothe, OH
    Age: 36-45
    “My teen-age daughters and I use this product. If you feel a pimple coming, apply this product and the pimple almost disappears overnight; even the deep, painful type. This stuff is magic! Compares to nothing I’ve used in the past 20 years!” Get clear skin with Acne Spot Treatment! 


    juliesoonergirl from alabama
    Age: 36-45
    “i have used everything out there.this is the fastest way to get rid of a blemish.all you teenagers out there MUST give this a try.you wont regret it.i have had acne for 20 years and this worked.it is the best.” Get your Acne Spot Treatment. 


    smarcus from New York, NY
    Age: 26-35
    “After wearing make-up all day, I sometimes have a blemish when I wash my face. After using the Clarifying Cleanser, I use the spot treatment on the problem areas. It is always gone by morning!” Learn more about Acne Spot Treatment with sulfur. 


    Murad Clarifying Acne Mask Reviews

    Acne Treatment Mask Reviewfattyhead from Ottawa
    Age: 19-25
    “I bought this product out of curiosity and wanted to clear up some acne. results were phenomenal! after washing off from face, acne lighten up and were not inflamed!! not to mention, overall brightens AND CLEARS skin. i LOVE THIS!! ABSOLUTELY AMAZING !” Get your acne treatment mask! 


    Carolynn from Chicago, IL
    Age: 36-45
    “I have used a “blue mask” for years and, until I used this mask, I thought my old “blue mask” was working–it was not. This mask is great! I can definitely see a difference in my face. You don’t need to use a lot of product to get full coverage and full results. The mask is much easier to wipe off than those other masks. I have been using this mask for about a week (have used 2-3 times already), and can tell you that it is working on my face already. Could be coincidence, but my skin seems much clearer already. I have VERY oily skin, so I prefer to use this mask more than once a week. I think I’m just too excited with this product.” Learn more about Murad;s acne treatment mask. 


    Meltdbutta from Boynton Beach, FL
    Age: 19-25
    “I used this product a while ago, and I just loved it, I like the feeling of using a mask once or twice a week, because it just gives you a great deep cleansing, which is a good help for congested skin.” Get your acne treatment mask. 


    Murad Exfoliating Acne Treatment Gel Reviews

    Exfoliating Acne Treatment Gel Reviewtedb from NC
    Age: 26-35
    “I have used every topical cream, gel, and paste you can buy without a prescription. This gel blows all the rest away! Even when I forgot to re-order and ran out of all my other Murad products, I still had some exfoliating gel to last me until delivery. Normally my face would have erupted like crazy having to switch products for a few days, but the Exfoliating Acne Treatment gel carried me through with minimal breakouts! Definitely worth the price, and the little bottle lasts a really long time too.” Get Exfoliating Acne Treatment Gel. 


    Ticil from Chicago, IL
    Age: 26-35
    “This calms my skin in a major way. If I use it after the cleanser before bed, my skin looks so great when I wake. Unlike other topical’s I’ve used, I’m not afraid to put it on in the morning for fear that I will look a peeling mess by lunch. (Maybe it just me, but..) There is something abot he formula that gives me kinda a dewy look that’s awesome. Worth it!” Start to work to get rid of acne now! 


    Danollie from Rochester, MN
    Age: 36-45
    “I am over 40 and have dealt with acne since age 11. In my late twenties I did the Acutane treatment through a dermatologist. It did make a huge improvement on the worst skin acne (the deep, sore, red blemishes). But as the years continued, so did the general acne. White heads, blackheads, and the occassional deep pore flare-ups. I have been using the exfoliating acne gel for about one full year now and my face has never stayed so clear for so long. Even though I use it twice daily, it does not dry out my skin…not even around my lips, which has happened in the past with “other” products. It just gives my face a soft clean look to it throughout the day. Plus, like an extra bonus, it helps control that oily look that comes at the end of the day. One year of clear skin…I think I have found my longterm solution!” Get Exfoliating  Acne Treatment now!


    Back Acne Treatment
    Treat Back Acne Treat & heal back & body acne with Acne Body Wash.
    Acne Skin Cleanser from Murad
    Cleanse & Treat Fight acne & get clear skin with Murad Clarifying Cleanser.

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