• Alpha Lipoic Acid: quick facts


    • Also known as Lipoic Acid or ALA
    • It is a fatty acid produced by our body cells
    • Used as dietary supplement as it helps with glucose conversion into energy
    • It is an important element for skin, it can improve the quality and looks of the skin
    • It has antioxidant properties and it supports the effectiveness of other antioxidants
    • Being an efficient free radicals scavenger, it is very efficient in fighting age-related conditions
    • There are many skincare products that contain Alpha Lipoic Acid because of its antioxidant, regenerating and anti-inflammatory qualities
    • In topical products, it improves aging skin and fights wrinkles when used in higher concentrations
    • Used to treat certain serious conditions: it is known to help with diabetes or cancer
    • It is an important element for your overall health and has an important role in skincare

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