• Another form of exfoliation: loofahs


    Loofahs are natural sponges obtained from the ripe, dried fruit of the tropical plant named luffa (the gourd family). They have a dry, straw-like consistency but soften when soaked in water. The coarse texture of the loofah sponge is ideal for scrubbing, therefore helps with skin polishing and exfoliation during bathing. Best of all, itloofahs and skin care is an inexpensive and 100% natural help in skincare.

    Lately, loofahs have become quite popular and often used in skincare rituals. But are they a good way to exfoliate and remove the dead skin cells from our skin? Most of the times, yes they are. However, because they are abrasive, these sponges can be too harsh for the skin, especially for the sensitive type. For these people with skin sensitivity, it is best to limit the use of loofahs only to the coarse areas of the skin.

    There are several body exfoliating “tools” that work the same way: body brushes, massage gloves, sponges – they are all abrasive and polish the skin mechanically by sloughing the outer layer of dead skin cells. Used in tandem with a body wash or creamy soap, they help clean the skin efficiently. Body exfoliation is recommended for maintaining supple, healthy skin and also for enhancing the efficacy of body creams and treatments, which penetrate the skin layers easily. Exfoliation also increases the cell turnover and this can improve the overall appearance of your skin.

    Scrubbing your skin with loofahs does have its side effects. Over-dryness happens sometimes so it’s recommended to use a good moisturizer after showering. After exfoliation, you’ll get the full benefits of your hydrator by allowing the moisture to absorb easily.
    Another issue to consider is that loofahs exfoliate unevenly, and may not reach all places equally. Some areas get over- scratched and the skin can get inflamed. A way to exfoliate uniformly is by using AHAs or BHAs peels on the entire body.

    Maintaining the loofah is not totally worry-free. Cleaning should ideally happen once a week because once it’s used, bacteria builds-up. Easy and efficient cleaning options include the washing machine while you do your laundry or by soaking up the loofah in hot water with a couple of tablespoons of white vinegar.

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