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    Are you in search of an anti aging skin care solution for younger looking skin? Whether your skin care concern is wrinkles, firmness of skin, age spots or the many other signs of aging that can occur on the face and body, the following can help you determine the best anti aging skin care products for you. These are real customer reviews of anti aging skin treatments from Murad. Read on for what actual customers say when they review Murad’s best-selling anti aging products.


    Resurgence Anti Aging Skin Care Kit Reviews

    Youthful Skin Renewal Kit

    Beachdaze from Fenwick Island, DE
    Age: 60+
    “I have been using the Resurgence Regimen for just a week, and can already see a difference in hydration and my skin tone! I was somewhat skeptical when I ordered the 30 day trial, as I have spent quite a bit of money over the years on skin care products that did not deliver as promised. The Resurgence products seem different, and did not disappoint me, especially the Age-Diffusing Serum. Along with the cleanser, it is my favorite Resurgence product.”


    gingo from North Tonawanda, New York
    Age: 60+
    “I am 55 years old and have tried many products during my lifetime. The three step Resurgence Program is most definitely the BEST products I have ever used. I tried it once, went on to try two other “popular” products and now have reordered Resurgence again for the second time. It keeps my skin super hydrated and gives it a very very soft and glowing appearance. I have gotten many positive comments about my skin after using it. I would hightly recommend that women give this product a try.”


    roadgoddess from Calgary, Canada
    Age: 46-59
    “My sister turned me onto this line, we both had suffered with acne our whole lives and now that we are older what do treat, acne or wrinkles. It seemed that other treatments seemed to only treated one or the other symptom but this takes care of both. I know am getting complements on my skin from strangers! Thank you”
    Youthful Skin Renewal Kit

    Youthful Skin Renewal Kit

    Youthful Skin Renewal Kit is designed to resurface, balance and revive hormonally aging skin. These four gentle formulas work to boost radiance, control oil production and calm irritation for a calm, illuminated finish. These miniature product sizes are perfect for trial and travel. Youthful Skin Renewal Kit includes: Renewing Cleansing Cream, 1.5 FL. OZ., Age-Diffusing Serum, 0.33 FL. OZ., Age-Balancing Night Cream, 0.5 FL. OZ., Sheer Lustre Day Moisture SPF 15 (0.25 FL. OZ.), Renewing Eye Cream (0.125 FL. OZ.) and Dr. Murad’s Skin Health Guide


    Renewing Anti Aging Eye Cream Reviews

    Anti Aging Eye Cream ReviewBado1Sharon from Newark, DE
    Age: 46-59
    “I have tried many different I creams such and they do not work nearly as well as Murand Eye Cream. I have seen a difference in the fine lines around my eyes in very little time. I have recommended this products to a lot of friends and family, and most of them are reaping the benefits as I did. It should be the best eye cream period because it is the best!”


    scoobidy from Orlando, FL
    Age: 36-45
    “WONDERFUL, WONDERFUL, WONDERFUL!!! This wonderful product actually does what it says it does…WORKS!! Unlike the majority of products out there with claims of grandeure, the Murad Renewing Eye Cream is the best eye cream that I have ever used. I was a bit skeptical before trying it, but after I did…WOW! Do yourself a favor and buy this wonderful product… You will be glad you did!”


    mimi from Florida
    Age: 46-59
    “I am 59 and in the past few years developed ever increasing lines and darkness around my eyes. The lines around my “driver’s side eye” were getting especially bad. I am a Florida native so I have lived all my life with the Florida sun (and fun!). I have tried MANY eye creams and this is the only one that has really worked for me. I use it morning and night with a little SPF cream during the day and have seen big results. I can’t be without it.”
    Renewing Eye Cream

    Renewing Eye Cream (0.5 fl oz.)

    Renewing Eye Cream is designed to combat signs of hormonal aging around the eye area. An eye brightening complex diminishes pigmentation and dark under eye circles for a brighter, more even appearance. Wild yam and soybean firm, hydrate and increase elasticity. Palmitoyl pentapeptide-3 reduces fine lines and wrinkles by encouraging collagen production. These effective anti-aging actions create an eye area that glows with youth, health and vitality.


    Age Diffusing Serum Skin Treatment Reviews

    Murad Anti Aging Skin Treatment ReviewPeachesNCream from Encinitas, CA
    Age: 36-45
    “Murad’s Age-Diffusing Serum is the most delicious of all the potions and elixers I’ve ever used! The result’s in the reduction and elimination of those pesky wrinkles are amazing! The longer than usual looks and second glances will clue you in. My skin looks and feels almost as young as I feel! And who couldn’t use a their own yummy Fountain of Yourth! Enjoy!”


    Truebeliever from Healdsburg, CA
    Age: 46-59
    “Boy when I say I’ve tried them all…I mean it. This works just like Joan said it would i understand why it’s her favorite. I used Murad products 15 years ago and sad to say i strayed.. BUT I”M BACK NOW for good…doing the whole régime and it’s wonderful. thank you Dr. Murad. by the way i’m 58 (pass for 45) and date someone 14 years younger, this will help keep me looking young and feeling that way too!”


    sunshinegirl from HENLELY MISSOURI
    Age: 46-59
    “I bought Resurgence and started useing it,my skin became plumper,smoother,my wrinkles started to leave and stay gone, my skin was hydrated,plumper and I have never been as happy with a product as this one. my face has no acne, and the results are not an overnight thing, they last. this is the best product I HAVE EVER USED FOR WOMEN WITH SPECIAL SKIN NEEDS.”
    Age-Diffusing Serum

    Age-Diffusing Serum (1 fl oz.)

    Age-Diffusing Serum features a potent formula of anti-aging ingredients to smooth hormonally aging complexions. Glycosaminoglycans protect collagen while phytoestrogens encourage elasticity, hydrate and blur fine lines and wrinkles. Shiitake mushroom extract naturally firms the complexion, flower extracts reinforce the skin’s barrier function and natural extracts soothe redness and irritation for a clear, calm finish. The complexion is renovated and radiant, with a firm, conditioned texture and a healthy, youthful luminescence.


    Age-Balancing Anti Aging Night Cream Reviews

    Anti Aging Night Cream Reviewmimi from Florida
    Age: 46-59
    “This is the best I have found for my 59 year old skin and I have tried many. It has helped greatly with elasticity, little wrinkles and hydration on my sun damaged skin (Florida native). I look forward to cleaning my face and putting this on every night. I feels wonderful and I can really see the difference after using it for several months.”


    rooder from MO
    Age: 46-59
    “I have been using the Age-Balancing Night Cream for about a year and a half now and I’ve been very pleased with the results. I use in combination with the Renewing Cleansing Cream, Age diffusing Serum & Hydrating Toner. To my surprise I started seeing results within only a couple of uses. The Age-Balancing Night Cream is light & non-greasy with a pleasant fragrance. I consider this my “must have” product !”


    GrandmaCandi from UTAH
    Age: 46-59
    “I love this stuff. When I wake up in the morning and take that first look in the mirror, I am no longer horrified by the deep creases and puffiness “in all the wrong places” that had somehow found its way to my 53 year old skin during the night. Instead, I look well rested, even without the best night’s sleep, and that really starts the new day off right.”
    Age-Balancing Night Cream

    Age-Balancing Night Cream (1.7 oz.)

    Age-Balancing Night Cream is designed to provide complete rejuvenation as you rest. Essential fatty acids and shea butter plump and comfort the skin with moisture while retinol deep cleanses pores to heal and prevent blemishes. Wild yam and soybean sterols improve elasticity, clover flower extract smoothes wrinkled skin and various botanicals slough away dead skin cells, revealing a refined, poreless appearance. As you rest, the skin takes on a beautifully youthful tone and texture, allowing you to awake to a renewed complexion.


    Active Radiance Anti Aging Serum Review

    Anti Aging Serum ReviewChef from Tennessee
    Age: 46-59
    “I am very impressed with this product. I never would spend the money on these type of skin care items because I thought they were all just over priced mosturizers, however this product really makes a huge difference. If you purchase this product you to will be amazed at the stellar results that you willl achieve. i am now a believer in all of the products.” Get younger looking skin now.


    Paddy from North Shore, MA
    Age: 46-59
    “I received a sample of this product and immediately saw results. I have a draw full of products all promising some cure or another and none of them work! This one really delivers. I’ve become a devoted fan of Murad products because they work. My skin is much more even-toned now. When I run out of the product, I really see a difference.”


    Sarrah from Columbus, OH
    Age: 46-59
    “This is the best serum I have purchased and I have tried many serums. I use this serum every morning and noticed a difference after approximately 2 weeks. My skin is smoother and brighter. The serum has improved my fine lines around my eyes, above my lips, and most importantly my skin looks radiant and healthy. At first, I was applying my moisturizer after the serum and I did not see any results… another serum that doesn’t work. This product works… Let the serum dry on your skin for a minute or two, apply your moisturizer and within days you will see how beautiful your skin will look and feel.”
    Active Radiance Serum

    Active Radiance Serum (1 fl oz.)

    This exceptional vitamin C formulation delivers 50 times the power of ordinary topical vitamin C. It offers all-day protection against environmental damage with potent antioxidants. It improves skin clarity, boosts radiance, encourages collagen production and promotes new cell growth. In only 15 minutes, skin firmness is increased by up to 64% and the skin’s tone and texture become smooth, even and youthful. As seen in: MORE, November 2010.

    • how can i buy these?? hsknza@yahoo.com update me here please

    • I bought Resurgence line of product because my skin is really dry, especially during the winter. I went through so many creams and spend so much money and I could never find a cream that was making a real difference. When I started using Resurgence it made me breakout but I did notice that my skin was not as dry …I called Customer Service to have a refund and they told me that it is normal when you start using a skincare regimen that you breakout because you go through what they call the purging process. Anyway, I gave it a try a little longer and well… It’s been about a month now and my face is so clear. I still can’t believe how good it works!!!

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