• Anti Wrinkle Treatment Reviews and Results

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    We all want younger looking, wrinkle free skin. But do anti wrinkle creams and anti wrinkle products really work? The following are real customer reviews of the Murad anti wrinkle skin care products. If you don’t trust the marketing material – trust what customers have said, unedited, about these ways to help you get rid of wrinkles.


    Age Reform Anti Wrinkle Night Treatment Reviews

    Anti Wrinkle Night Treatment ReviewAnnye from Georgia
    Age: 46-59
    “I used Murad Products for Fine Lines and Wrinkles. I saw the difference within a week. My skin was brighter and glowing. How do I know a difference was being made? I did not just rely on my observations, because I was anxiously looking for it to work, but people’s comments convinced me that things were changing for me. I wanted everyone to see my skin. I was like a little peacock walking around. I should have held up a sign that read: “Look at me. I’m cute again!”" Get your anti wrinkle regimen! 


    LTDH from California
    Age: 26-35
    “I recently went to a Murad Spa and bought this product. The results have been amazing. The cleanser leaves your skin smooth, clean, and soft. As a young adult I wanted to start protecting and nourishing my skin. The other two products indeed do just that. This kit is great and I recommend it to anyone who is ready to protect their skin and make it look and feel great!” Start working to get rid of wrinkles now! 


     mudpie from Boston, MA
    Age: 26-35
    “I was lucky enough to have found out about Murad a while ago through a spa I happened to make an appointment in. I loved the product and never even knew about the infomercial! This night time regimen is wonderful, and even just after ONE, yes, ONE use my husband looked at me and said, my god! look at you! your skin looks great! (no it didn’t shave off 10 years of my life, but it left my skin glowing, supple, and clean) I was so happy, and now have kept it up, and have noticed improvements. I love Murad’s products and it is one of the few where you actually see the results.” Get your Age Reform anti wrinkle solution.


    Intensive Wrinkle Reducer Reviews

    Intensive Wrinkle Reducer ReviewShantalisa from Seattle, WA
    Age: 46-59
    “Intensive Wrinkle Reducer is an amazing product. I’m afraid to run out. I’ve used this product for about 18 months and it is incredible how well it works. I have a scar between my eyebrows that has dramatically changed in appearance, for the better, with continued use of this product. My fine lines, creases, and overall appearance is so much better. I had considered having an injection or some type of surgical treatment before I began using Intensive Wrinkle Reducer, and because it works so well I’m no longer considering alternative treatment. I’m 53 years old and I’m thrilled that I still receive many compliments from people telling me I’m too young to be a Grandma.” Get started with Intensive Wrinkle Reducer. 


    Anonymous Reviewer
    Age: 26-35
    “I use the intensive wrinkle reducer religiously every day and it works! There has been a noticable difference in fine lines and wrinkles as well as texture. The results were visible in the first week too! I love this product and always keep a spare bottle on hand. Packaging Suggestion for Murad Marketers: make the bottle semi-translucent so you can see how much product is left in the bottle or make the tube like the eye cream where the bottom raises as you pump. It’s difficut to know how much product is left over and I want to use every last drop so I scrape the inside of the bottle with a q-tip! Crazy but true…” Try Intensive Wrinkle Reducer now. 


    AZSunlover from Scottsdale, AZ
    Age: 46-59
    “I would highly recommend this product! I was given a sample to try from a friend who recently became an esthetician. I had noticed fine lines on my face and sitting in my hairdressers chair, looking in the mirror I also noticed slight sagging around my mouth. I loved it from the first time I tried it because it made my sensitive, dry skin feel great. It is one of the few items I won’t experiment with different brands on and I don’t mind paying for, because it works.” Start reducing wrinkles now! 


    Intensive Anti Wrinkle Resurfacing Peel Reviews

    Anti Aging Peel ReviewMartine from New York, NY
    Age: 36-45
    “After only two applications my skin looks healthier and wrinkles are dramatically less noticeable. I agree that the packaging makes it difficult to squeeze produce out but it’s not hard to use a Q-tip or cut the end of the tube off. This month’s supply is less expensive than going to a Spa and I love the convenience of a home peel. This is the best purchase i’ve made in a long time and well worth the investment.” Get your anti wrinkle peel now. 


    DramaQueen from Phoenix, AZ
    Age: 46-59
    “What I would not give to have known about this product many years ago! I just started using it and I could see the difference the very first time I used it! Yes, the price is a bit steep, but aren’t we worth it? My motto is this: Anything that goes on my face and my feet must be first quality, if my skin doesn’t look its best, I’m miserable and if my feet hurt, I’m miserable. Think of it like this, so what if you miss a couple of lunches a week, you’ll look incredible! ;)Peel away wrinkles today! 


    OneShockedLady from Midwest
    Age: 46-59
    “Yesterday I used this peel for the first time. I hadn’t told my daughter and asked her after “see anything different?”. She immediately said my forehead was smooth and asked me to relax my face – it was relaxed. 95% of my deep creases in my forehead disappeared. My skin feels supple and looks great but has tightened. All this from ONE treatment. I can’t believe it. I just wish I had the money to buy the whole line of products or had back all the money I have spent at cosmetic counters and on other products.” Get your wrinkle reducing peel now. 


    Intensive Wrinkle Reducer for Eyes Reviews

    sunshine11 from Birminghmam, Al
    Age: 36-45
    Anti Wrinkle Eye Treatment Review“I use this product as a prevention for future wrinkles. I am 37 and do not have one single wrinkle around my eyes. I have been using this awhile and will keep on using it to keep those wrinkles away. I look way younger then I am and I contribute that to this product. Most of my peers have at least some eye wrinkles and I am so grateful I started using this so I am the one that doesn’t have any! Everyone always wants to know my secret!” Start reducing wrinkles around your eyes now. 


    Dolly11 from Boone, NC
    Age: 36-45
    “My husband and I have been searching for the right product for our skin. This search has been going on all year. Believe me we’ve spent some money doing this. Thank goodness I finally saw a comment about this product in one of my magazines. I thought I might as well give it a try. Yes! This is it! My skin has felt so smooth and good around my eye area. There’s no greasy feeling and it absorbs really well. Now I’m ready to try some of the other products. Don’t be afraid to try this!” Get your intensive wrinkle reducer for eyes. 


    YouthfulMom from Spring Lake, NJ
    Age: 46-59
    “From the first application, I noticed a remarkable difference in the skin around my eyes. I have not tried any other product on the market which has firmed up the skin, created a smoother texture, and even helped add a brighter appearance to the area of my face around my eyes like this product. Clearly, my skin was thirsting for the wonderful blend of ingredients used to create this product!” Get intensive wrinkle reducer for eyes now! 


    Complete Reform Anti Wrinkle Treatment Reviews

    Age Reform Anti Wrinkle Treatment ReviewAnonymous Reviewer
    Age: 46-59
    “Amazing is the best way to describe “Complete Reform”. After one application of Complete Reform, I was experiencing firmness on my skin. I felt my skin firm and different, which is great!! A few co-workers noticed a difference in my skin, which I lOVED every second of it! I would 100% absolutely recommened “Complete Reform” to EVERYONE!!” Get this anti wrinkle treatment now. 


    ECK1326 from Venice, CA
    Age: 26-35
    “I tried this product for the first time recently. My skin had been feeling very dry and dull due to the holidays and winter weather and this product immediately smoothed out my stressed out skin. It goes on very light and has a wonderfully fresh smell to it. My face and it’s texture was noticeably brighter after one use. I have been using Murad for over a decade now and have been consistantly pleased with their products. Complete Reform is no exception!” Get Age Reform Complete Reform now. 


    BabsBrown from Manhattan Beach, CA
    Age: 60+
    “I was given a sample of, “Complete Reform with Glyco firming Complex” to go under day moisturizer. My skin seemed to slowly get firmer and was much smoother with a light, clean feeling after use. Would definitely add this to my day routine as I use, “Night Reform” already with the green line. Really enjoyed testing the product.” Get Complete Reform younger skin now. 

    Perfecting Anti Wrinkle Night Cream Reviews

    Anti Wrinkle Night Cream ReviewsLilB from Los Angeles, CA
    Age: 19-25
    “As we all know, most night creams are way too heavy and make your face feel like you have a ton of sunscreen on. This cream was just right. When you first apply the cream, it is a little heavy, but after 5-10 minutes, it soaks into your skin and keeps your skin hydrated throughout the night.” Get yours now. 
    newmom from Philadelphia, PA
    Age: 36-45
    “Having my daughter took a major toll on my complection. I had been searching for a skin care line to combat my new issues for the last year and a half. (My skin looked dull, dry and patchy) Finally I found Murad! I bought the products from an infomercial so I was a bit skeptical. Wow! Was I surprised. This night cream is so luxurious and hydrating – but not greasy. Exactly what I needed. I absolutely love it! It’s working miracles for me.” Start getting rid of wrinkles with this night cream tonight! 
    YouLookTooYoung from Johnstown, NY
    Age: 46-59
    “A relative and a friend have recently asked me if I have had a facelift. I was shocked and could’nt understand what they saw differently on my face. Then I realized that I had recently (three weeks) started using “Perfecting Nightcream” and that must be the reason for the difference in my skin’s appearance. I will be using this product for a long time to come.” Get your anti wrinkle night cream now. 

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