• Azelaic Acid for acne prone skin


    Azelaic Acid and acne treatmentThis is not the most advertised ingredient out there but it is widely used in certain skincare products and it is proven to help. If the name doesn’t tell you anything when you read it on a label, don’t hold back: you can learn and understand what it can do for you and your skin. First of all, it is not a synthetic ingredient: this can be naturally found in whole grains like wheat, barley or rye. It’s a natural antibacterial agent which is not harsh for the skin.Azelaic acid is now part of many types of skincare topical formulas, especially the ones designed to fight acne and other related conditions: it is effective against inflammatory acne treatment in concentrations of 15% to 20%. Apart from this benefit, it’s good to know that Azelaic acid also helps with hair growth and subsequently reduces hair loss.

    This natural element is quite effective against acne because it is essentially an antibacterial and anti-inflammatory ingredient, it reduces comedones formation, normalizes skin cells production and keeps pores clear of the dead cell buildup. It also contributes to the general skin health with its free radicals fighting power. Because of the superior anti-inflammatory properties, it is also very helpful in treating rosacea, therefore you’ll find this ingredient in many topical products specially formulated to treat this condition. 

    Azelaic Acid has also been used in anti-pigmentation formulas that help significantly reduce the dark spots and pigment formation on the skin. It is not photosensitive so it can be used during the days when skin gets exposed to sun light more often. Typically, the treatment with Azelaic acid takes longer than other treatments and the skin condition starts improving after a few weeks of continuous use. This ingredient can be safely used for longer periods of time in skin care.
    Some of the potential side effects of Azelaic acid include dry skin, stinging and irritations when used in high concentrations. It is perfectly tolerated by all skin types in lower concentrations and another positive aspect is that it doesn’t have the common side of effects of benzoyl peroxide.


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