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    What Causes Back AcneOne of the most stubborn types of acne is the dreaded back acne (or “bacne” as it’s also called). Because it’s always in a hard-to-reach spot, trying to find an effective back acne treatment can be difficult. In order to create an effective acne treatment plan, you’ll need to learn about the causes of back acne. So in order to get rid of back acne, the best way to combat it is to find out where it comes from. That way, you can find the best way to treat and clear your back and body acne breakouts. So what causes back acne, and how can you treat it?


    Back Acne Cause #1: Cultural Stress™

    Just like any other type of acne, acne breakouts on your back or other parts of your body can be the products of Cultural Stress. Back acne can be caused or even aggravated by lifestyle-related factors such as bad diet, lack of hydration, and lack of sleep. The body can respond to stress by breaking out in acne blemishes. If you’ve learned that your back acne is lifestyle- or even stress-related, reducing the causes of the stress as well as using the right kinds of back acne treatment products will help to reduce breakouts on your back. And anyway, we could all stand to do with a little less stress in our lives.


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    Back Acne Cause #2: Sweat and Humidity

    Another cause of back acne is a humid climate as well as moisture and sweat getting trapped next to your skin. If this is you cause of back acne, wearing loose-fitting clothing (or even wearing clothing that would expose your skin to the air) will give your skin room to breathe. You’ll also want to try to avoid synthetic fabrics that don’t allow your skin to “breathe” and any other accessories that may trap sweat and dirt against your body (like a backpack). A body or back acne treatment plan will help clear up this kind of back acne, and Murad Canada has a great two-step approach with Murad Acne Body Wash and Murad Clarifying Body Spray.


    Back Acne Cause #3: Skin Reactions to Everyday Products

    The most common kinds of products that can trigger back or body breakouts are fabric softeners or detergents that you use regularly. Other products like lotions, shower gels, or other products that you use on your skin daily can also produce breakouts of back acne. Switching brands of these products can help you find out what is causing these kinds of reactions while using a back acne treatment.


    Back Acne Cause #4: Hormonal Acne

    Back acne caused by hormones is typically the fault of genetics. For this kind of acne, you should be treating your bacne like you would treat acne on any other part of your body — with a regular acne treatment regimen. Products like Murad Acne Body Wash and Murad Clarifying Body Spray can exfoliate skin while at the same time treating breakouts with ingredients specially made for fighting acne.



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    Back Acne Treatment and Body Acne Treatment Product Reviews

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    MJ2008 from St. Louis, MO

    Age: 19-25

    back acne wash to get rid of back acne“This was the first product EVER to clear up the severe acne on my back and arms. Up until now, I haven’t worn a tank top in eight years!! I have been using this product for three weeks and tonight I wore a spaghetti strap tank with confidence. I finally have my skin back and love shopping for summer tops now. Thank you!!!” Buy now!


    NRD73 from Nasville, TN

    Age: 26-35

    “I suffered from horrible back acne. And this product works! I’ve never seen fast results like this. Plus, the product smells great too! I highly recommend it. My acne is fading away and for the first time, I wore a razorback tank top with no acne!” Buy now!


    Sdodzik from Indiana

    Age: 26-35

    “I bought this body wash after trying just about everything else out there. While it didn’t clear up all of my “bacne” it took care of most of it. And when I used it in combination with the clarifying spray (which I just got) it cleared up quick. I would recommend getting them together. You can’t go wrong. I’m able to wear tank tops and bathing suits without feeling like everyone is looking at my zits.” Buy now!


    Murad Body Acne Spray Product Reviews

    Destiny from Boston, MA

    Age: 26-35

    body acne spray to get rid of body acne“The Clarifying Body Spray really made a HUGE difference in helping to clear up my back! With my Sister?s wedding rapidly approaching, I was terrified of wearing the strapless bridesmaid dress, with my sisters desired up hair do?s, leaving my embarrassingly broken out back and shoulders completely exposed. Murad?s Clarifying Body Spray was easy to apply, with it?s 360 degree spray design for hard to reach spots and TOTALLY CLEARED UP THESE AREAS quickly. I was not embarrassed at all at the wedding and proud to show off my clear back and shoulders.” Buy now!


    NotGettingYounger from Kalamazoo, MI

    Age: 26-35

    “This product is great. It has cleared up my chest and back significantly. Works well and easy to use with the 360 sprayer. If you feel like your skin isn’t clear enough to wear a vneck, you should try this. Although a little pricey, just think it’s no more than a specialist co-pay to the dermatologist’s office.” Buy now!


    LipglossLuv from Chicago, IL

    Age: 26-35

    “I have always battled breakouts on my back and chest. When I would use acne treatments on them, it would get worse or extremely dry. This product worked wonders in the first week, and got rid of my breakouts in 2 weeks! I use it every night after my shower, and I haven’t any more problems!!” Buy now!

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