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    Back to School Acne TreatmentIt’s almost that time! Summer is winding down and before long kids, teens and young adults will be returning to school. That means busier schedules, less healthy diets and a lot more daily stress. What does that mean for making sure that students continue to have the most effective acne treatment regimen possible? Here are five tips for back to school acne treatment successes from the Beautiful Skin Care Blog.


    1. Don’t Oversleep and Skip Your Acne Treatment!
    Yes, school mornings begin early. However, if you oversleep and rush out in the morning, you may not have time to properly use your acne treatment products as they were designed to be used. Make sure that you leave the required ten minutes in the morning to cleanse, treat and moisturize your skin. The only way to get rid of acne is to have healthy skin, and having healthy skin means taking the time to care for it.


    2. Carry a Water Bottle With You All Day Long
    Staying hydrated is a key to having acne-free skin. Stick a water bottle in your backpack so that you’re sure that you always have water with you and are drinking it throughout the day. You need to drink and eat (in the form of fruit) at least eight glasses of water per day. Make sure you get yours!


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    3. Carry an Acne Spot Treatment
    Long hours in school may mean that you start to feel a pimple form when you’re not somewhere you can immediately deal with it! Murad’s Acne Spot Treatment is a sulfur-based blemish treatment that is small enough to tuck into a pocket of your backpack or even wallet. Just dab a bit on when you feel a pimple starting to form and you’ll heal it before it hits the surface.


    4. Be Careful of What You Eat
    It’s very easy to fall into bad diet habits when you go back to school, particularly when hanging out after school with friends. Remember that the skin is the body’s largest organ, so healthy skin starts with a healthy body. A healthy body does not fill itself full of fast food and non-nutritious snacks.


    5. Sleep Enough & Don’t Get Too Stressed Out
    This is easier said than done, we know! However, stress and lack of sleep can cause breakouts. Yes, stress-related breakouts are a very real thing! Keep everything in perspective. School is important and so are grades, but being mentally healthy is more important. Stay focused, but stay calm. And be sure to get enough sleep every night!


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