• Beauty’s number one enemy: cellulite

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    How to treat cellulite  

    This is the skin problem of the century, some might say. It develops throughout the years, it appears mostly on women bodies and it’s caused by hormones, sedentary lifestyle and deficient circulation, toxins from the food we eat, and also because of the highly caloric food intake. These are all main factors of the growth of adipose tissue and its expansion under the skin layers when connective tissue is not strong enough. Why do thin people have it too? Because there’s always a genetic makeup that makes us prone to having cellulite and the sedentary life doesn’t do any good to anyone.
    There are advanced theories that prove that cellulite is mainly a skin problem and not a fat problem. Fighting cellulite requires a good knowledge of the mechanisms that lead to its development and then dealing with each factor, inside and out!


    Cellulite is caused by decreased circulation which deprives the skin’s dermal layer of the nutrients it needs to stay strong, and weakened connective tissue, which allows fat to migrate up from the sub dermal layer.

    Taking care of such a troublesome skin issue requires some patience and a few minimal simple changes in lifestyle. Being physically active and fresh food should be part of your new and improved life. Eat less fatty or processed foods and reduce sweets and salt. And because water is the essence of life, make sure you have plenty of it! This way you can provide your body with the necessary nutrients that will also help your skin! Last but not least, maintain and nourish your skin from the outside: massage, body wraps, anti-cellulite creams. Best body wraps are the ones with active substances and botanicals, like marine algae, which help detoxify your body and revitalize the skin.

    So which are the natural ingredients that make the best cellulite enemies?

    Marine algae – a concentrated paste and a body wrap will help you lose up to a few inches in a short time. Their content of minerals and their detoxifying benefits help the tissue regenerate faster.
    Caffeine – an active ingredient that helps “melt” some of the fat trapped under the skin.
    Green Tea – its antioxidant power is helpful as always, this is very good ally in fighting fat and losing weight, from the inside out.
    Pineapple – great natural help in fighting fat deposits and water (hydro-saline) retention
    Peppers – hot and quick to melt the unwanted “patches”; also, trust another “hot” ally, the black pepper
    Clay –great for skin appearance and tissue regeneration, it smoothes skin and cleans away toxins
    Vitamin C – potent antioxidant to fight toxins and a great nutritional value for your body
    Lavender – stimulates circulation under the skin and tones to maintain a stronger tissue
    Guarana – its toning effects help improve the appearance of skin affected by cellulite
    Ivy – great in anti-cellulite creams, oils and baths, it’s a very efficient plant to fight fat deposits and repair unaesthetic skin
    Grapefruit seed – essential oils of grapefruit seed are efficient in anti-cellulite massage
    Other plants and herbs : Cat’s Claw, Horse Chestnut , Dandelion etc.

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