• Beauty Alert: Vitamins for longer lashes

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    Vitamins for longer lashes“The eyes are the mirror of the soul” and the beauty of the eyes is surely of high importance to each of us. The eye area requires a different treatment than the rest of your skin. Not just the lids and the brow bone, but the lashes as well. Long, full and beautiful lashes contribute to the fresh look of your eyes; natural or enhanced by makeup, lashes contour the eye and add intensity to your look.
    We have a few tips for those who need longer, fuller lashes and for all those who want to know how to care for the area around their eyes. 

    1. Vitamins. Vitamin treatments are helpful in stimulating the growth of lashes, treating the skin around the lid and the lash line. You can apply Vitamin E oil, known for its positive effects on hair growth, at the root of the lashes; apply with a Q-tip or clean mascara brush and avoid contact with eyes. If pure Vitamin E is not on hand, use Olive Oil. Lashes will grow stronger and shinier.

    2. Castor Oil. This is also a great source of nutrients that promote hair growth and regeneration. Avoid eye contact and apply Castor oil with a special brush every night before going to bed. You can use it on your eye brows as well.

    3. Avoid eye irritations, which can significantly stop the lash growth. If irritation occurs, make sure you treat it and soothe the itch. Chamomile infusions and cold compresses or eye drops can help with minor irritations. Avoid allergens. Make sure you remove makeup efficiently and don’t rub your eyes, an accumulation of mascara and impurities at the root of the lashes can cause irritations.

    4. Remove makeup every night before going to bed. Perfect cleansing makes perfect lashes and your lashes need to be clean in order to regenerate at night. Remove any trace of makeup, mascara and cleanse with special products. Apply vitamin or oil treatment after makeup removal.

    5. Avoid chemical treatments or synthetic eye creams. These can damage your lashes.


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