• Best moisturizing ingredients for healthy skin

    moisturizing ingredientsHealthy skin starts with optimal hydration. Still not sure what moisturizer is good for your skin? All moisturizers incorporate ingredients that increase the skin’s hydration by holding water in the cells. There are thousands of hydrating ingredients commonly used in skincare products. When shopping for an efficient moisturizer, it’s hard to tell which ingredient makes the difference. Here’s what you should be looking for: 

    Sodium PCA – this is a quite common but a very effective ingredient found in hydrating products. It is also found naturally in the skin and it is responsible for the skin’s moisture-binding capacity. With skincare formulas, it enhances skin’s moisture retention and confers the product water absorbing qualities.


    Glycerin – is a strong water-binding ingredient. It is in fact an organic compound derived from animal fat that is used to attract and retain moisture to the skin. Glycerin can also absorb moisture from the air, so when applied on the skin, it has the wonderful ability to draw moisture to the skin and keep it hydrated for a long time. It also contributes to the shedding of the dead skin cells and encourages smoother skin.

    Collagen and Ellastin – have been used in skincare products for years. They lie on top of the skin binding water and preventing water loss. Their molecules fill in the small lines and make skin appear smoother.

    Safflower oil /Sunflower oil/ Evening Primrose oil are great ingredients that retain water in the outer layer of the skin. They contain high amounts of fatty acids and vitamin E which support skin health. Best of all, they are not comedogenic! In fact, Evening Primrose Oil is effective in acne treatments as well.

    Hyaluronic Acid or Sodium Hyaluronate is a great rescue for aging skin. It is in fact naturally found in our bodies in every tissue and it also helps distribute nutrients to other parts of the body. Beneath the skin, it provides collagen and Ellastin fibers with the support they need by forming the cartilage. At skin level, it attracts and locks in moisture and keeps collagen and Ellastin fibers moist and flexible. Its production decreases with age therefore external sources can help support its function on the skin and prevent aging signs.

    Butylene Glycol & Propylene Glycol – they are efficient moisture –binding humectants often used in dry-skin moisturizers. They are good hydrating agents, penetrating the skin fairly easily. 


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