• Biggest Skincare Mistakes

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    Skincare Mistakes As the saying goes: “to make a mistake is human”. But to make a skincare mistake can leave permanent marks on your skin. Before learning from your mistakes, try to learn how prevent them. Here’s a list of common skincare mistakes you shouldn’t make:  

    1. Overcleaning, using regular soap or alcohol-based toners
    The dry cleanliness feeling of a face wash might be what you’re looking for, but in reality you’re stripping your skin of natural lipids which maintain and protect the dermal layer.
    Your complexion becomes prone to acne, irritations, wrinkles and lacks a natural glow.

    2. Picking/squeezing blemishes
    It could seem the only helping solution before “the” big night, but you’re causing damage that will heal slower and even spread the infection under skin. On long term, it could result in permanent scars.

    3. Tanning
    In the summer sun or in a tanning bed, the “healthy’ tan you see you on your skin is in fact damage. The tan is the transformation of the skin under the direct action of the UV rays. A small amount of UVs from the sun is actually beneficial for health and skincare too, but the moment the skin becomes darker, that’s a clear sign it has been affected. And remember that every extra minute of sun exposure adds up and effects can’t be reversed.

    4. Not using sunscreen.
    It’s not just about the prevention of tanning, but also about preventing other unpleasant effects like burns, irritations, inflammations, sensitising, etc. Sunscreen protects skin from harmful UVs. Wear it every day, because the UVs can penetrate clouds, fog, even clothing. Short exposure times won’t save your skin – even spending a few minutes outdoors on your way to the store will still matter enough, on a summer day. Wear a minimum SPF15 every day and reapply regularly – one application won’t protect you all day long!

    5. Not removing your makeup
    Not removing makeup every day or sleeping with makeup on will aggravate skin conditions you might have. It can clog pores and inflame the skin. In time, because it can’t breathe or regenerate properly, skin becomes lacklustre and ages faster. Remove makeup with non drying agents.

    6. Not hydrating your body well enough.
    It’s not about water only, any source of hydration adds up. Fruit, vegetables, soups, teas, juices, milk, all are sources of hydration besides water. Make sure you hydrate your body properly and eat foods with hydration-supporting nutrients– loosing water at cellular level is what causes body aging.

    7. Not getting enough sleep and rest
    Insufficient hours of rest will eventually show on your skin. There is a reason why they call it beauty sleep –it encourages cell regeneration so that your whole body can look and function properly. Depriving your body of rest can have permanent effects not only on your skin but also on your health.

    8. Not having a good, steady skincare program.
    It is hard to find the perfect regimen for your type of skin, but many find it hard to stick to a skincare regimen even when it works! The temptation of trying new products all the time is huge but this can take its toll on the look of your skin because of the many ingredients it has to put up with. More is not better in skincare.

    9. Buying expensive skincare products
    Resist the urge to buy a product just because it is trendy, or just because it has a great looking package and smells good. Also, expensive is not necessarily the equivalent of “good”. It often means it has more ingredients… some of them harmful to some types of skin.

    10. Using too many skincare products per day
    Up to 5 products a day should be enough for your skin. Have a cleanser, a toner, a moisturizer, sun screen and night cream or treatment lotion if you need any. Stick to one or two brands and make sure their ingredients don’t interact or have adverse effects when applied on skin. Using too many products can cause dryness, irritation, dark spots and sensitizing.


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