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    Everyone’s acne treatment regimen is different, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that everyone treats only the acne on their face. Acne treatment products that are good for your face probably aren’t the right kind of treatments for the rest of your body, like your arms or back. When it comes to body acne, breakouts can range from your back to other places on your body where large pores can get clogged or oil and dirt can be captured against your skin by your clothes. Even where you sweat regularly may be susceptible to body acne. Just like any kind of acne treatment plan with your face, the rest of your body needs the same kind of Inclusive Health Care and a topical treatment plan for best results. So what do you need to do to treat body acne? Much like with acne breakouts on your face, your ultimate goal with your back and body is to get acne-free, healthy skin. But how do you do that? Here are some tips, advice, products and treatments from acne experts.


    Start to Get Rid of Body Acne from the Inside Out

    We all know that what you put into your body is just as important as the acne treatment plan you use on your body. Keeping hydrated with eight glasses of water a day and eating your water, as well as keeping a diet rich with foods high in antioxidants is important to keeping skin radiant all over. Make sure you’re getting all the healthy vitamins and minerals that help your skin looking vibrant and breakout-free. Particularly in the case of body acne, where you may not be able to apply treatment products as effectively, being sure to eat a healthy acne diet is an important start to keeping skin clear. Be sure to keep a diet low in junk food and processed food and eat lots of fresh fruits and vegetables. While it’s always more important to get your nutrients from natural foods and your actual diet, consider a vitamin or diet supplement where possible.


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    Skin Care is Inclusive – and That Includes Body Acne

    A good diet is just a part of the overall health of your body, which means keeping all parts of you healthy. Since your skin is your body’s largest organ, that means that its health, which manifests often in acne breakouts, is determined by your body’s overall health. Try to eliminate as much stress from your life as you possibly can (we know it can be difficult!) and make sure you’re getting plenty of solid sleep. Both sleep deprivation and stress can result in over-activity from the adrenal gland. That results in increased androgen production, which is the hormone that is linked to the overproduction of skin cells that clogs pores and causes acne breakouts.


    Choose the Right Body Acne Cleanser

    Just like skin on the face, a topical acne treatment and acne skin cleanser is an important step in treating your body acne. You want to look for body and back acne treatments that are a combination of acne medication (like Triclosan or Salicylic Acid) to fight bacteria and exfoliator that will clear away dead skin cells. During the day, while your face naturally exfoliates dead skin cells, the rest of your body doesn’t necessarily follow suit, so a cleanser that exfoliates (as well as a loofah) are vital to a body acne treatment. Because the oil glands on your back and body are larger and the skin is tougher, your body acne treatment can include a more extreme exfoliating agent and stronger drying medications than the acne treatment or cleanswer that you use for your face. Consider Murad Acne BodyWash, which has Salicylic Acid to improve skin cell turnover beneath the skin and fight acne-causing bacteria, and date powder to exfoliate on the surface.


    Make Wardrobe and Lifestyle Changes to Minimize Body Acne

    One of the causes of body acne that’s often overlooked is the impact of clothing in causing body acne breakouts. You have to wear clothing all day long (hopefully!) and that can trap dirt, oil and dead skin cells against the skin’s surface. To minimize the impact of clothing in causing or increasing your body acne, be sure to wear loose-fitting clothing made of natural fabrics, which will allow your skin to breathe. Tight clothing and synthetic fabrics can trap sweat, dirt, oil and more closer to your skin, resulting in more breakouts.


    Our skin is the biggest organ in our bodies, so keeping it looking good is important to making us feel beautiful. By reducing stress, eating a healthy diet, and using an effective acne body cleanser, your body can soon have great looking, acne-free skin in no time!


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