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    The beautifying qualities of plants in skincare have been recognized since the ancient times. Plants like mint, olives, aloe, rosemary, chamomile, are still widely used in body products, moisturizers and treatments. Nowadays, modern technology and advanced science step up the research on the benefits of plants. Incorporated into modern skincare formulas, these herbal wonders help alleviate various cosmetic concerns and contribute to the well being of your skin with their active compounds which can hardly be replicated synthetically.


    Beyond trends and publicity, there are true qualities of botanicals that have been proven to work. Here are some of the hero-ingredients that have gained massive popularity in the past decade:





    Soy extracts

    Plant hormones in soy naturally improve skin elasticity by inhibiting the degeneration of collagen and ellastin and help deliver moisture to reduce sagging and revive aging skin. Soy extracts are anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant and are known to help repair environmental damage.


    Clover flower

    The apparently feeble Clover flower is a miracle in anti-aging skincare. It protects and reinforces skin’s barrier function and helps improve the appearance of aging skin. All this is possible due to a plant hormone which mimics a phytoestrogen that stimulates skin for a younger, smoother looking appearance. Clover’s abilities to reduce wrinkles have been clinically researched and proven.



    Canadian Willowherb

    This beautiful flower built its resilience by surviving the harsh climates of the Canadian prairies and developing its own powerful defense. This plant extract is often used in anti-acne products. It helps diminish redness and irritation, especially the type associated with UV damage. As part of leave-in treatments, it actively fights acne breakouts by reducing inflammation and fighting bacteria.




    With its astringent properties, myrtle is ideal for oily, acne-prone skin as it helps shrink pores and even out skin surface. But versatile as it is, myrtle can also be used in anti-aging products as it supports new cell growth and helps boost cell vitality.



    Papaya extract

    Papaya enzymes (like “papain”) are some of the most potent exfoliators in natural skincare. This fruit’s qualities are not newly discovered but recent skincare formulas have been taking advantage of these super-powers by including papaya extracts to boost the exfoliating properties.  This ingredient is ideal for gentle but efficient exfoliation in order to achieve smooth tone and texture.




    Pomegranate is the ultimate superfood and also one of the best antioxidant fruits out there. Its powerful polyphenols called punicalagins recommend it in any healthy diet and … healthy skin routine! The first to incorporate pomegranate extract as a main ingredient in anti-aging and sun-protection products was Dr. Howard Murad. The products were designed to fight aging sings and free radicals damage on the skin. It turns out pomegranate extract is highly effective in combination with sunscreen, improving its SPF efficiency.


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