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    botanical skincare products
    Most of the skin care products on the market include specific botanical extracts and with their naturally enriched formula they promise to provide your skin with all the benefits you cannot get from synthetic ingredients. Botanicals’ therapeutic effects depend on their concentration but also on the plant they are extracted from. What is their role and how can they help? Here are a few examples you will find in Murad skin care products.


    Queen of Meadow – The Queen of Meadow root extract is used in many  skin care products for its antiseptic and tonic effects. It fights

    inflammations efficiently and acts like a mild antibiotic, destroying micro-organisms.


    Discover the Queen of the Meadow healing benefits in Murad’s Skin Perfecting Lotion


    Licorice – Licorice root is largely used for its medicinal qualities; in skin care, its anti-inflammatory properties and the Vitamin E & B complex make it ideal for treating and nourishing skin. Is also helps lighten dark spots like age and sun pigmentation. 

    Discover the Licorice extract benefits in Murad’s Acne Spot Treatment, Exfoliating Acne Treatment Gel , Post Acne Spot Lightning Gel 

    Peppermint Leaf- Peppermint might be the “world’s oldest medicine”; it has a high menthol content and it is used in skin care formulas for its cooling and soothing effects. Apart from that, its antibacterial and nourishing properties promote skin health. 

    Discover the cooling benefits of Peppermint in Murad’s Redness Therapy line. 

    Pomegranate – This fruit is one of the richest source of anti-oxidants known to humans, and therefore it is able to fight free radical damage; its anti bacterial qualities treat and protect skin inflammation. Pomegranate provides mild sun protection but can also increase the efficiency of a SPF lotion considerably.

    Discover the Pomegranate protective benefits with Murad’s Pomegranate Exfoliating Mask 

    Chamomile Chamomile flower is a reliable antimicrobial agent able to treat infections and inflammations. Highly valued as a skin benefactor, chamomile heals sunburns and wounds, tones and soothes irritated skin.

    Discover the Chamomile soothing benefits in Murad’s Clarifying Cleanser

    Tea Tree Oil – Tea Tree Oil is an extract of Melaleuca tree and is very efficient as a natural antiseptic, anti-microbial and anti-fungal agent. It soothes sun burns, wounds and skin infections; in acne treatment, it is often as efficient as Benzoyl Peroxide!

    Discover the benefits of Tea Tree Oil in Murad’s Gentle Acne Treatment Gel

    Green Tea- Green Tea is beneficial for  acne-prone skin because of its powerful anti-oxidant and anti-bacterial properties . It contains all important vitamins therefore it is recommended to tone and nourish the skin. It is known to reduce inflammations and prevent aging due to its high content of anti-oxidants. 

    Discover the nourishing benefits of Green Tea in Murad’s Clarifying Cleanser

    Aloe VeraAloe is renowned for its anti-inflammatory properties and abilities of healing wounds, scars, dry and burnt skin. Aloe Vera in cosmetic care prevents skin aging, lightens dark spots and helps remove the dead skin cells, making it ideal for exfoliation products.

    Discover the Aloe Vera renewing benefits in Murad’s Exfoliating Acne Treatment Gel

    Sunflower Oil – Extracted from the Sunflower seeds, this oil contains large amounts of vitamin E which is essential in skin care; it helps retain moisture and maintains skin health. 

    Discover the Sunflower Oil hydrating benefits in Murad’s Perfecting Night Cream

    Jojoba – beads – Jojoba is generally renowned for treating dry or mature skin; the Jojoba beads are obtained from the same plant and are ideal for gentle natural exfoliation that won’t dry out or irritate the skin, as these beads have emollient and tonic properties.

    Discover the Jojoba beads exfoliating benefits in Murad’s AHA/BHA ExfoliatingCleanser

    Witch Hazel – The leaves of this plant are used for their astringent and healing properties; the witch hazel extract treats acne, eczema, cracked skin and wounds.

    Discover the Witch Hazel toning benefits in Murad’s Clarifying Toner


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