• Brush basics for clear skin

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    makeup brushImportant part of any makeup kit, the makeup brush is more than a tool for makeup – it is the guarantee for flawless application or, sometimes, a total skincare disaster. 

    High quality is very important for the brush that comes into contact with your skin every day: it confers smooth, natural application and takes care of your skin. As a result, apart from your image needs, you also need to take into account your skin’s needs.

    Brush basics for keeping your skin healthy:
    - Learn about different types of brushes – you’ll understand what you really need in your beauty arsenal. The concealer brush is not the same as your eye shadow brush.

    - Chose brushes with soft, natural bristles (usually made of animal fur) for powder makeup ; synthetic ones scratch and irritate the skin and don’t even last as long – brush bristles fall out and become ragged quickly

    - Choose synthetic brushes for liquid makeup – the nature of the bristles blends and distributes the liquid easily ; these don’t scratch because they have a flat line of bristles well tiedt together

    - Clear your brushes often. Ideally a few times a week, or at least once a week. Clean with gentle shampoo, face cleanser or soap, lather and rinse well. If too clumped, soak them in warm water for an hour before washing. From time to time disinfect with alcohol. Let dry on a towel without squeezing, don’t change the shape of the bristles.

    - Keep dirty brushes away– don’t use your brush if it’s too dirty and you don’t have time to clean it. Bacteria flourishes on makeup brushes and causes problems once it touches your skin. Brushing can also spread bacteria all over and cause acne.

    - Change your brush when it gets ragged and too dirty. Good quality brushes can last up to 10 years. Regular ones up to 12 months.


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