• Three Causes of Acne Breakouts

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    If you have acne-prone skin, no matter what acne treatment products you’re using, you’ll need to understand what causes your acne. While the process by which blemishes form is the same no matter what the cause of the blemish, different causes of acne can result in different treatment advice. Most likely, your acne breakouts are caused by one of the following three possibilities. Your treatment regimen, then, should include elements to address that specific cause.

    Hormonal Acne: Treat Breakouts from the Inside Out
    The majority of acne breakouts are caused by hormones and are known as hormonal acne. While this is most frequent during the teenage years or while a person is going through puberty, hormonal acne can happen at any age and is also a leading cause of adult acne. An overproduction of hormones from the adrenal gland results in an overproduction of skin cells. Those excess skin cells then clog hair follicles and cause the build up of acne-causing bacteria. What’s the result? Blemishes and breakouts.

    Treatment Advice for Hormonal Acne: If you have hormonal acne, your body will continue to overproduce hormones until it naturally levels out with time. You’ll want to treat your acne by addressing both the overproduction of skin cells that leads to clogged pores as well as by fighting the acne-causing bacteria. Look for products with Salicylic Acid, such as Murad Canada Acne Complex®. Salicylic Acid exfoliates away the dead skin cells on the inside of the hair follicle while also killing acne-causing bacteria.

    Acne Complex Kit (4 kit) Acne Complex Kit (4 kit)The Acne Complex Kit features four formulas to cleanse, exfoliate, treat and moisturize oily and acne-prone skin. The Acne Complex Kit includes: Clarifying Cleanser (4.5 fl. oz.) – kills acne-causing bacteria while deeply cleansing away excess oil, debris and other impurities. Exfoliating Acne Treatment Gel (2.0 fl. oz.) – powerful exfoliators and anti-inflammatory botanicals prevent and heal acneic breakouts. Skin Perfecting Lotion – Acne (1.7 fl. oz.) – this lightweight lotion is designed to provide plumping moisture without causing oiliness or breakouts. Acne Spot Treatment (0.5 fl. oz.) – botanicals, vitamins and sulfur work together to quickly and effectively heal acne blemishes.

    Acne Cosmetica: Blemishes Caused by Skin Care or Makeup Ingredients
    Occasionally, sensitive skin can also break out frequently due to a reaction to the ingredients in skin care or makeup products. This is particularly true if the products contain harsh chemicals or high oil concentrations. This type of acne is referred to as Acne Cosmetica. If you’re experiencing breakouts and think that they may be caused by the products that you’re using on your skin, try going “product free” for several weeks and seeing if your complexion improves.

    Treatment Advice for Acne Cosmetica: You’ll need to approach treating Acne Cosmetica in two steps. First, you’ll want to clear existing breakouts by going “product free” and using only a gentle skin cleanser and gentle acne treatment products. After you’ve achieved a clear complexion, then you can transition back into using skin care products and makeup. Look for natural, oil-free products and test them on a small portion of skin before you use them on your entire face or body.

    Skin Perfecting Primer (1 fl oz.) Skin Perfecting PrimerDisguise imperfections and minimize your pores with Murad Skin Perfecting Primer. This revolutionary oil-free formula creates a perfect canvas for your complexion. Light reflecting minerals, Pore Factor-5 and adaptive shade technology allows you to achieve flawless skin, no matter what skin type or shade you have. Dries to a dewy, refined finish.

    Ingrown Hairs from Shaving: A Primary Cause of Acne for Men
    For men, the impact of daily shaving can be acne breakouts. Ingrown hairs and irritated patches of skin can result in blocked pores. Blocked pores, of course, result in blemishes and breakouts after acne-causing bacteria build up in them.

    Treatment Advice for Acne Caused by Shaving: We aren’t suggesting that you grow a full beard! However, being responsible about taking your time while shaving, using a skin-enhancing shaving gel and using a soothing gel after shaving can reduce the number of ingrown hairs and blemishes that result from daily (or even weekly) shaving. Murad Man is the Murad line of skin care products for men. By combining Murad Man with a slow, careful shave and the right acne treatment products, your clean-shaven face can also be acne-free.

    Of course, diet, sleep, stress and even how often you touch your face can also contribute to acne breakouts. However, no matter what causes your breakouts, clear skin can be yours with the right acne treatment regimen.

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