• Cayenne pepper – a miraculous ingredient for cellulite


    Cayenne pepper is one of the healthiest foods available, a versatile ingredient and, in addition, a highly recommended spice in weight loss nutrition and diet. Known to be a fat buster, cayenne pepper’s key ingredient capsaicin increases metabolism and activates the fat-burning mechanisms of the body.

    But does Cayenne work in topical skincare as well? Research and independent studies on various cellulite products prove it may actually work! Here’s why:

    - It is a great anti-inflammatory: Cayenne can soothe the inflamed tissue and improve the look of the skin affected by cellulite.

    - It increases circulation: cellulite is often a side effect of circulation issues and cayenne can fix just that. It stimulates the venous structure and helps increase the blood flow to veins and capillaries.

    - It activates skin’s repair mechanisms and helps it rebuild healthy tissue which appears smoother and leaner.

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