• Celebrating 25 Years of Transforming Skincare at Murad


    Dr. Howard Murad founded Murad Inc. in 1989, launching the first doctor brand of clinical skincare products designed to make skin both beautiful and healthy. Dr. Murad has changed the world of skincare with his pioneering research into the Science of Cellular Water and his Inclusive Health® philosophy, a comprehensive inside-out approach to optimal wellness under the motto “Look Better, Live Better, Feel Better”.

    “Your skin is connected to your heart. Make your heart happy and your skin will become more beautiful.” – Dr. Howard Murad


    Here are some of the milestones in Murad’s 25 year mission of helping people transform their skin and their lives:

    1989      The First Dr. Brand – Murad Skincare

    Dr. Murad founds Murad Inc., the first brand of clinical skincare products, setting a new standard for high-performance skincare.

    1992      The Murad Recipe

    Dr. Murad introduces the Murad skincare “recipe” for healthy skin that combines antioxidants, anti-inflammatories, and hydrators.

    1995      Internal Skincare

    Dr. Murad develops a revolutionary “inside out” approach to skincare that includes dietary supplements to improve the health and appearance of skin by increasing the strength of each cell in the body.

    1997      Environmental Aging

    Dr. Murad develops the Environmental Shield® range to address skin damage caused by sun, pollution and other environmental aggressors.

    1998      Murad’s First Patent

    In recognition of scientific discoveries that have advanced the treatment of skin, Dr. Murad is granted the first of his 19 patents.

    2002      Hormonal Aging

    Dr. Murad recognizes that changes in women’s hormones can cause loss of skin firmness, dull tone and wrinkles. He develops the Resurgence® anti-aging line  of products to target these precise conditions.

    2003      Cultural Stress®

    Dr. Murad identifies Cultural Stress®—the day-to-day stress of modern living—as a major factor contributing to chronic exhaustion and declining health of people of all ages.

    2006      Genetic Aging

    Dr. Murad classifies the fine lines and wrinkles associated with DNA-related aging as Genetic Aging and discovers new ways to help deliver anti-aging skincare ingredients deeper into the skin.

    2010      The Water Secret

    In his fourth book, The Water Secret: The Cellular Breakthrough to Look and Feel 10 Years Younger, Dr. Murad demonstrates that the ultimate key to a more youthful appearance, optimal health and well-being is the ability of each cell to hold water.

    2013      Problem Pores

    Dr. Murad develops Pore Reform™, a new treatment line targeting skin challenged by blackheads, congested and enlarged pores.

    2014      25 Years of Caring

    In this milestone year, Murad Inc. rededicates itself to Dr. Murad’s vision of Inclusive Health®. As we all celebrate Murad’s 25th anniversary this month, we hope to inspire you to look, live and feel Better Every Day®. Has Murad changed your life? We’d love to know more! Share how you look, live and feel better every day in the comments below.


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