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    sun block and skin care

    It feels like the new millennium skin imperative is to avoid the sun. And yet, if there was no sun, there would be no life on Earth. Exposure to sun light is beneficial for our bodies although we seem to have forgotten about it lately, with so many active warnings about the disastrous effects of UV rays; if it has become our usual routine to avoid the hot rays, it’s time we reconsidered this. Sun light is vital for life so why should we completely ban it from our skin? There are numerous positive aspects of the moderate sun exposure and it should motivate us to rediscover how to make it our friend and not an enemy.

    Pro-s of sun light

    • The sun light stimulates our body’s natural defense system against bacteria.
    This way, our immune system becomes even more active. Getting a cold during summer months is not very likely as our immune system is stronger than ever.
    • Sun rays are essential for the bone structure.
    Sun boosts the vitamin D production when the skin is exposed to the UVs. Vitamin D is essential for helping calcium settle in the bone cells and making bone structure stronger; it also prevents and limits bone tissue loss at an older age.
    • Moderate sun exposure makes skin look healthier.
    As skin gets an extra boost of vitamin D, it looks healthier. UV rays help in the healing process of many skin disorders and some treatments are based on this kind of procedure. 15 minutes a day without sun protection should be enough to reap the sunlight benefits.
    • Sun light is therapeutic and prevents chronic illness.
    A high level of vitamin D in our blood prevents chronic diseases, high blood pressure, cancer, diabetes. The same vitamin is also responsible for fighting against DNA deterioration, so it might actually prevent aging (too much sun will age you prematurely so do not exceed a few minutes of sun exposure a day)
    • Sun brings good mood and happiness :)
    UV rays help produce endorphins in our body, and their activation brings along a general good mood. Longer exposure to light during summer days also reduces the melatonin production (this is the sleep hormone).

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