• Tips for Choosing and Using Sun Block


    Summertime is sunny time! The warm weather means more exposed skin, meaning more exposure to the dangerous rays of the sun. Maybe you’ll want to hit the pool, the beach, go for a hike, or participate in other outdoor activities during the summer. Of course, with the sun being the number one cause of the signs of aging on your skin, making sure that you choose the right sunblock for your skin care routine is essential. But also just as important is applying your sunblock the right way so that you don’t get burned. So what kind of sun block should you be using, and how should you be properly using it?

    Go Oil-Free for Healthy Skin

    When we usually think of sunblock, we tend to think of thick, oily, pore-clogging stuff that works great but can wreak havoc on our skin. Not to mention to the typical overly-chemical smell that some sunblocks have. You feel like you’re walking around in a toxic sludge! But you don’t have to. A lightweight, oil-free sun block like Murad Canada’s Oil-Free Sunblock SPF 30 not only provides excellent coverage from harmful UV rays and free radicals that those rays emit, but it is also light enough for everyday use – even for use underneath your makeup.

    Oil Free Sun BlockCustomer Review: Oil-Free Sunblock SPF 30

    “Skin experts recommend that we wear a sunblock daily to prevent wrinkles and skin cancer. It is easy to forget to wear on a daily basis. I have oily skin and must use an oil-free product. This product works well under makeup. It is light weight and non-greasy which makes it easier to remember to apply if the product does its job and is not too thick to wear under makeup.”

    Go Waterproof for Longer Coverage

    A lot of times, when we’re going to be outside during the summer, there’s a good chance you’ll be swimming, either in a pool, or taking a trip to the beach. You might also want to do some strenuous outdoor activities that will make you sweat a little. Most sun blocks are effective at blocking UV rays, but wash right off as soon as you hit the water or start to sweat, and if you’re not careful you’ll end up with sunburned skin. Take your time in finding a product that will be light on your skin but also won’t wash off when you’re swimming or sweating.

    Cover Everything!

    Of course, sunblock won’t be effective if you don’t apply it everywhere! Make sure that you’re following the directions on the packaging, and that you’re sufficiently covering all areas of your skin that aren’t covered up by clothing, shoes, or hats. Even if you have to have a friend help you out, make sure they apply the right amount of sunblock to your skin.

    The warmer and sunnier weather means it’s the time of year to go outside, and that’s great! But it also means making sure you choose the right kind of sun block for your skin care routine, and that you are correctly applying it. Be safe when you’re having fun in the sun this summer!


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    • Thanks for this post.
      If i may add for make ups, Summer heat causes eye makeup to melt and shift if you have oily skin. I will advise to wear waterproof mascara, eyeliner and eyeshadows. Not only will you look great, even after a swim, but also everything will remain in place. Oils can shift makeup but waterproof brands move less. Thanks again for this post.

    • The summer months can be a bane, especially for people with oily skin. The skin loses its glow and looks dull. Cleansing is of utmost importance during summer.

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