• Combination Skin Care: A Primer on Healthy, Beautiful Skin


    A Combination Skin Care PrimerFor some people, their skin can feel like a roller coaster. One day your skin is dry and needs a moisturizer to keep it hydrated, while on another day your skin is oily and needs an effective acne treatment to prevent breakouts. It seems almost an impossible task to find a skin care regimen that will effectively treat your skin no matter what condition it’s in. If this describes you, then you have combination skin! So what can you do about it? A plan that utilizes Inclusive Healthcare™ practices as well as Murad’s superior line of skin care products can target both oily and dry areas of your skin.


    What is Combination Skin?

    Combination skin (also sometimes called “Normal Skin”) is simply skin that has an oily T-zone as well as dry patches that can cause flakes of skin to fall off the face. We’re all familiar with the T-zone, the T-shaped part in the middle of the face (eyes, nose, upper lip and chin) where most of the oil is produced that causes acne breakouts. Dry skin can occur in those areas as well as well as on other areas of the face and neck, making it tricky to find the right skin care regimen.


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    Hydration Helps Combination Skin

    One of the best ways you can treat combination skin is from the inside out. Eating and drinking plenty of water is absolutely vital for every skin type – even if you’re acne prone, dry, or a combination of the two. Hydrated skin is healthy skin, making it less susceptible to irritation and the flaking that comes with dry skin. A healthy diet that includes plenty of water will help balance out oil production, reducing clogged pores. On the outside, products like Murad’s Vitalic® Regimen is a daily skin care treatment that will even out your skin’s oily and dry zones while clearing clogged pores for great looking skin.


    Improve the Look of Combination Skin with Antioxidants

    We already know that eating an antioxidant-rich diet will do wonders for your skin cells on the inside, but those same antioxidants are vital for your outside skin cells, too! Antioxidants can help balance skin by fighting free radicals found in pollution and UV rays that bombard our faces every single day. To help clear out dead skin cells and reveal soft, smooth skin, make sure you include an exfoliating product like Murad Pomegranate Exfoliating Mask a weekly face mask treatment that restores brightness to your face. Pomegranate and gingko goloba extracts add vital antioxidants to fight free radicals and inflammation.


    Though it seems impossible, combination skin is treatable! Make sure you’re following an Inclusive Healthcare regimen that includes an antioxidant-rich diet, plenty of water, plenty of sleep, and a stress-free routine will help your inside. A skin care treatment plan that exfoliates and protects your skin from free radicals will help your outside.


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