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    Daily Water and Acne TreatmentEven for acne-prone skin, even the most effective acne treatment regimen only means that you’re focusing on products that basically dry out your skin– both the oil your body has naturally produced, along with the blemishes that have broken out on your skin. While taking care of the surface of your skin is important, in order to combat future breakouts, healthy skin has to start from the inside with plenty of hydration. Whether you’re looking for a back acne treatment, body acne treatment, or a facial acne treatment plan, your unique acne treatment regimen should ingredients that help hydrate your skin while reducing breakouts and blemishes. What else can you do to keep your skin hydrated and healthy? Here are three tips.


    Add an Oil-Free Moisturizer to Your Acne Treatment Regimen

    One of the most common myths about acne treatment is that people with oily skin can skip the moisturizer, when in fact moisturizer is just as important for acne-prone skin as it is for other skin types. Moisturizers that are oil-free are great for oily skin because they help to balance out the skin, meaning that they won’t produce more oil in the future and you will be less prone to breakouts. Your acne treatment plan should already utilize night and day treatments so that your skin is constantly staying hydrated. Make sure you are using a day moisturizer with Vitamin C that boosts hydration, as well as Murad Skin Perfecting Lotion to hydrate and replenish lost nutrients in your skin while you sleep.


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    Drink Plenty of Water

    The common recommendation from experts has always been to drink eight glasses of water every day, and as long as you are constantly staying hydrated you skin will show the difference. But remember that just because a drink may have water in it, it doesn’t mean it will keep you hydrated! Soda, for example, may have carbonated water in it, but the preservatives and the sugar that it contains are big offenders for causing breakouts. If you have an option to choose, instead of the soda, go for water with a slice of lemon, lime, or mint for some added flavor. If you have an option for 100% natural juice, you’ll be getting great nutrients for your skin. Steer clear of sports drinks and other artificially flavored beverages and your skin will thank you for it!


    Are You “Eating” Your Water?

    When we talk about “eating your water,” what we really mean is that your diet is keeping you hydrated by eating plenty of fruits and vegetables that contain high levels of water. Water from food tends not to pass through your body as quickly as just plain water, which means that you stay hydrated longer. Another plus of fruits and vegetables is their high antioxidant content, meaning your skin will fight off breakouts and stay healthy and youthful-looking. Dr. Murad’s best-selling book The Water Secret has all the advice on how to hydrate your skin from the inside out.


    Your acne treatment regimen doesn’t just mean using the right kind of acne treatment products for your skin. It also means keeping your skin hydrated and making sure that your skin – inside and out – is getting its daily water.


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