• Dry Skin Care Advice: Three Tips and Tricks


    Dry Skin Care AdviceIf you have dry skin, then finding the right dry skin care products and practices that give you healthy, beautiful skin without further drying or damaging your skin can be frustrating. After all, dry skin also tends to be sensitive skin, and sensitive skin has very specific needs. Here are five tips from the experts at the Beautiful Skin Blog on how to adapt a skin care regimen to the needs of dry skin.


    1. Exfoliation is Key for Dry Skin Care!
    If you have dry skin, then at any given moment you will have a significant amount of dry and dead skin cells on the surface of your skin. These dry and dead skin cells can cause your skin to look tired and without a healthy glow. They can also clog pores and cause acne breakouts (and finding an acne treatment product for dry skin can be a challenge). Make sure that your cleanser and your skin care treatment products include exfoliating agents.


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    2. Moisturizing is Obviously Key for Dry Skin Care!
    Obviously, if you have dry skin, you’ll want to moisturizer it, but with what and how? Look for moisturizers that include SPF protection, are oil-free and contain mostly natural ingredients so that they will not irritate your dry and often sensitive skin. Also, use a lighter moisturizer during the day, but utilized the night to apply a richer, more intensive moisturizer. You may also want to consider an intensive moisturizer facial mask.


    3. Anti Aging and Anti Wrinkle Skin Care is Even More Important
    Fine lines and wrinkles (and even the not so fine ones) are caused by genetic, hormonal and environmental aging, but they become more prominent when skin is not properly hydrated and moisturized. If you have dry skin, these signs of aging may begin to appear earlier and more severely, so be sure to begin an anti aging or anti wrinkle skin care regimen early on – even preventatively if you’re not already seeing the signs of aging on your skin.


    4. Stay Hydrated from the Inside Out
    Soft, moisturized skin isn’t just about what skin moisturizer you use on the outside, it’s also about how well you hydrate your body from the inside. Both drink and eat (in the form of fruit) enough water during the day to stay hydrated for both a healthy body and healthy skin.


    5. Avoid Sun Exposure
    The sun and Vitamin D may be healthy in small doses, but they also dry out your skin. If your skin is already dry by nature, than you’ll want to be even more conscious of avoiding sun exposure to further dry it.


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