• Dry skin or dehydrated skin?


    dry skin skincare advice

    Dehydration and dryness are obviously not the same thing, and they are not both a direct result of aging. There is a major difference between the two types of skin problems and they are often confused and misdiagnosed. Dehydrated skin is the water-dry skin while dry skin is the oil–dry skin or the “alipidic” one.

    It is not recommended to use oil-based hydrators for water-dry skin which mostly needs proper hydration from the inside – these oil hydrators would only add up to the sebum which is already produced by skin and cause pore clogging. Although the skin would feel dry in this case, it could still appear oily especially in the T zone. Dehydrated skin develops wrinkles just like dry skin but treating them with fatty substances would not make up for the lack of water hydration within the deep layers of the skin.
    Dry, alipidic, mature skin needs oils and fatty hydrators to compensate for the need of natural sebum; natural oils, fatty acids, waxes and other fats are suitable for this type of problem skin and help improve hydration, often with the help of vegetal extracts which contribute to locking in moisture and maintaining a healthy skin.

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