• Essential Vitamins for Healthier Locks


    Have you noticed your locks to be dry and frizzy lately? Is it dull and lacks shine? Do you wish you could easily bring the life back into your hair once more? Of course there are many hair products coming out lately in the market which promises a lot of miracle like softer, shinier and longer hair but even if we use up all these products, there is no guarantee to having healthier hair if it does not start from within.

    Hair serums and other hair treatments could only give temporary aid to keeping hair shiny and healthy. If you want beautiful and lustrous hair, it’s time to take care of it from within and it will surely show from inside out.

    Here are some of the most essential vitamins to include in your diet if you wish to maintain gorgeous and healthy looking hair:

        1. Vitamin A – Out of all the essential vitamins your hair needs, this vitamin proved to be the most important one as it does a lot of work. Vitamin A is full of antioxidants, fights free radicals and thicken and strengthen your hair making it grow faster and longer because it prevents breakage. You can start eating foods rich in Vitamin A like green leafy vegetables and cantaloupe but the recommended amount may not be enough so it is better to take a separate food supplement to fully benefit from the nutrients.

        1. Vitamin B Complex – with the complete array of vitamins which includes vitamin B6, B12 and biotin, nutrients are absorbed easily and helps regenerate cells, detoxify the body and strengthen hair thus preventing hair loss, slows down gray hair production. With the right amount of this vitamin, what you get is longer, stronger and shiny hair.
        2. Vitamin E – considered to be a wonder drug for numerous reasons and helps to treat several problems relating to the heart, high blood pressure and varicose veins. This vitamin is extremely important and beneficial for proper development and nourishment of the skin and hair. It aids in good blood circulation which leads to healthier scalp. By taking vitamin E food supplements or eating food rich in vitamin E like spinach, nuts and tomatoes you’ll notice that you will have softer hair with fewer frizzes because strands are fully nourished. Other known benefits from vitamin E includes: hair growth stimulation, pre-mature grey hair prevention, split ends repaired and long lustrous hair.
        3. Folic Acid – another vitamin needed to prevent gray hair, get thicker and shinier hair and added moisture is folic acid. When hair is well moisturized, it is less prone to breakage and as a result makes growing hair easier. So make sure to include cereals and whole grain breads in your diet.
        4. Zinc – if you were one who likes to eat meat, cereals, shellfish, nuts and seeds then you’re in luck because these foods are rich in zinc. Zinc proved to be vital in having long and healthy hair and have been known to prevent dandruff. You will notice that there are several shampoos in the market which contain zinc to aid in dandruff prevention, hair loss and graying hair.
        5. Biotin – ever notice how popular keratin treatment is lately in all the hair products in the market? Keratin is known to make hair elastic and protect it from dryness therefore it prevents hair breakage. Biotin also known as Vitamin H plays a very important role in having strong hair because it helps produce keratin which is also believed to slow graying hair. Biotin can be found in food such as brown rice, green peas, lentils, oats, bulgur and brewer’s yeast.

    So if you long to take back the shine and life your hair used to have, make sure to incorporate foods rich with these vitamins into your diet to help get healthy, long and lustrous hair again.


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