• Five Skin Care Concerns for Your Eyes


    Your eyes are often the first thing that other people notice about you, so keeping the skin around your eyes glowing and fresh should be a top skin care priority. However, you may have different kinds of skin care product needs around your eyes depending on what your specific concerns are. Here are four common eye care skin needs and what you should look for in an eye cream to improve (and prevent) them.

    Crow’s Feet: Crinkles and Wrinkles at the Edges of Your Eyes
    Crow’s feet are the wrinkles that form at the corners of your eyes that look, basically, like crow’s feet. While almost all individuals form crow’s feet at some point (after all, we all blink!), you can prevent their early onset by ensuring that you wear sunglasses whenever you’re outside in order to reduce the amount of squinting at the sun that you do. When crow’s feet do form, use an anti wrinkle eye cream that hydrates while also stimulating collagen production, such as Murad Canada Intensive Anti Wrinkle Treatment for Eyes.

    Eye Treatment Complex SPF 8 (0.5 oz.) Eye Treatment Complex SPF 8

    With glycolic acid to exfoliate and silica to brighten, this eye treatment restores a youthful texture and brightness to the entire eye area. Fine lines and wrinkles are smoothed, oil is controlled, and a blend of antioxidants and broad-spectrum sunscreens protect the skin against UV and free radical damage. Ideal for aging and mature skin types, Eye Treatment Complex SPF 8 creates a fresh, well-rested appearance.

    Under Eye Wrinkles: Loose Skin and Gravity Take Their Toll
    Much like with crow’s feet, it’s nearly impossible to not eventually form wrinkles underneath your eyes. As collagen breaks down and the skin loosens, gravity pulls the thin skin around your eyes downward, producing wrinkles. To delay the appearance of under eye wrinkles, be sure to always properly hydrate your eye area with an eye cream to supplement moisture and firmness. Once under eye wrinkles appear, use an eye cream that firms loose skin while also intensely hydrating for moisture, such as Murad Canada Renewing Eye Cream.

    Renewing Eye Cream (0.5 fl oz.) Renewing Eye Cream

    Renewing Eye Cream is designed to combat signs of hormonal aging around the eye area. An eye brightening complex diminishes pigmentation and dark under eye circles for a brighter, more even appearance. Wild yam and soybean firm, hydrate and increase elasticity. Palmitoyl pentapeptide-3 reduces fine lines and wrinkles by encouraging collagen production. These effective anti-aging actions create an eye area that glows with youth, health and vitality.

    Dark Under Eye Circles: The Look of Tired Eyes
    For many people, no matter how well-rested they are, dark circles appear under their eyes. It’s not only a lack of sleep that can cause dark circles, but also allergies, eczema, heredity, stress, nasal congestion, sun exposure and the loss of collagen. To improve the clarity of the complexion under your eyes, lead a healthy lifestyle and use eye treatments and creams regularly. When you need to reduce the appearance of under eye dark circles, try Murad Hybrids® Eye Lift Illuminator with a violet undertone to even out dark spots and pigmentation.

    Eye Lift Illuminator (0.06 fl oz.) Eye Lift Illuminator

    Dark under-eye circles have met their match with this neutralizing violet formula. Murad Eye Illuminator is fortified with innovative 5X firming technology and Re-Luminate complex for a visible lift and long term dark circle reduction. Smart moisture system also works to actively hydrate and de-puff so you can go about your day knowing you look awake and more youthful.

    Puffiness and Under Eye Bags: Smooth Your Eye Complexion Out
    Fluids, stress, allergies and even hormone changes can cause puffiness around the eyes. Nobody looks refreshed when their eyes are puffy! Choose an eye cream that soothes and hydrates to diminish eye puffiness or under eye bags, such as Murad Canada Renewing Eye Cream.

    We all want to show off our beautiful eyes, but wrinkles, dark circles and puffiness can make our entire face look tired or older. Make responsible skin care decisions to prevent eye wrinkles and crow’s feet from developing early or aggressively. When you do experience unflattering skin care concerns around your eyes, be sure to choose the eye cream that’s best suited to your needs. With just a little time and attention, you can have refreshed and youthful looking eyes at all times.

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