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    Fall Skin Care Advice and Skincare Product TipsAutumn in Canada is, simply, gorgeous. The crisp air, the late Indian summer before winter settles in (and, in Canada, we know winter). It’s one of the most beautiful seasons, full of fire pits and maple. However, autumn can also mean some skin care challenges as the seasons, and the skin care products that you should use, begin to transition. How do you ensure beautiful skin throughout the fall and for the many winter holidays? Here are three tips from the skin care experts at Murad Canada for fall skin care.


    Repair Summer Damage with Antioxidants and Gentle Acne Treatments

    Even if you are the most responsible person on the planet, summer does damage your skin. Even with sun block or sunscreen, you’re experiencing increased sun exposure, which certainly damages skin. You’re also most likely experiencing the stresses of travel and exposure to pool and beach chemicals and pollutants. Fall is a perfect time to step back and repair that damage to your skin. Find an anti oxidant rich skin care product (such as the Murad pomegranate or Essential-C products) to repair skin damage and prevent further damage. If you have acne-prone skin, be sure to get back into the habit of using your acne treatment products and regimen. Many people fall out of that habit during the summer when the sun can dry or conceal acne.


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    Prepare for Winter Dryness with Intensive Moisturizers

    The air will begin to dry out as fall settles in, and winter is the driest season of the year. Prepare your skin for winter weather with intensive moisturizers. Be sure to wear and oil-free, lightweight day moisturizer, but also get into the habit of using an intensive night time moisture cream as well. If your skin care routine includes anti aging and anti wrinkle skin care products, then you will want to be sure to make sure that you are not skipping either the day time or night time moisturizers. After all, the greatest way to combat fine lines and wrinkles is to ensure that skin stays properly hydrated.

    Don’t Forget Lip and Eye Care Skin Products

    As fall begins and winter settles in and dry air prevails and leads to dry skin, it’s not just your face and neck that will be impacted. Be sure that you’re using a moisturizing eye treatment cream. The skin around your eyes can be more impacted by dryness because it does not produce its own oil or moisture the way that the skin on the rest of your face does. Lips, as well, can be impacted by the dry air, so be sure to regularly apply a lip balm or lip treatment.


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