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    Finding the Right Skin Cleanser for YouCleansing is the first step to creating beautiful skin – even before you ever hydrate or treat your skin, find the right kind of skin cleanser first. Like any part of your skin care treatment regimen, finding a skin cleanser isn’t just something you can randomly pick, or think that it’s one that has the prettiest packaging or even one that goes with your chosen skin care line. In fact, even picking a skin cleanser may even mean that you don’t have to pick the one with ingredients that are regarded as essential. When you’re selecting the right kind of skin cleanser for you, there are three major factors to look at: skin sensitivity, skin type, and the environment that you’re in. With all three of these in mind, you’ll be able to find the right kind of skin cleanser for you.


    What’s Your Skin Sensitivity?

    Everyone has different levels of sensitivity in their skin, so depending on your sensitivity level, you’ll want a skin cleanser that will be various degrees of gentle. If, for example, your skin is very sensitive, you’ll want to look for a skin cleanser that’s very gentle with limited chemical ingredients and lots of soothing moisturizers. Even the most acne-prone don’t want to use something that’s too strong – the irritation and redness may cause them to break out further. If you are starting to notice the signs on aging, a gentle cleanser will be better at helping keep your skin beautiful and hydrated. Even within Murad Canada’s product lines, there are a wide range of products with different strengths for every sensitivity level. Research carefully to find the best skin cleanser for your skin’s sensitivity level.


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    What’s Your Skin Type?

    Finding out your skin type is important, whether you’re researching anti aging skin treatments, acne treatments, or even finding a skin care treatment that will help reduce redness or exfoliate and moisturize your skin. Determining your skin type will help you look for the right ingredients. For example, if you’re acne prone, than you aren’t going to be looking for a skin moisturizer that’s rich in oil. Or, if you’re looking for an anti aging treatment product, you probably aren’t going to look for something made to dry your skin like an acne treatment product would. Finding your skin type will make it easier to find the right skin cleanser for your skin care regimen.


    What’s Your Environment Like?

    Do you find yourself in polluted environments often, or maybe you are exposed to a lot of sunlight during the day? Both these and other environmental factors can cause real damage to your skin. Look for skin cleansers that will help you combat the environment by either exfoliating your skin or utilizing ingredients made to protect your skin. Products like Murad Canada’s Environmental Shield line of skin care products are made specifically to combat skin’s every day exposure to environmental pollution, but make sure you research thoroughly before deciding what’s right for you.

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