• Men’s Skin Care: Five Tips For Better Skin

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    While it might sometimes feel like men and women are from completely different planets, sometimes we realize that men and women aren’t as different as we may think. In actuality, when it comes to skin care, it’s true that men have a few needs that are different than women. Skin care products that are made for men need to be made to target issues that women don’t have. We all don’t live the same kinds of lives, after all!


    Tip #1: Sunblock Still a Must for Men’s Skin Care

    Women should always apply sun block as part of their skin care treatment regimen, regardless of how much time they’re spending outside. With men, a lot of their lifestyle choices emphasize doing a lot of outdoor activity, so they should be more diligent in choosing men’s skin care products that will combat UV rays. In fact, a men’s skin care regimen should include a daily moisturizer that has an SPF as part of its ingredients. A men’s skin care product like Murad Man Face Defense® has an SPF of 15 that will keep your skin protected from damage caused by UV rays from all those outdoor activities.


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    Tip #2: Use Men’s Skin Care Products that Moisturize

    The truth of the matter is, most women have no need to use a razor on their face every single day (or every few days like some guys do). Face shaving is a real part of men’s routines, and they know all too well about the irritation, redness, and dryness it causes on their faces. Men’s skin care products should contain ingredients that can help with these issues. The best kinds of men’s skin care lines will contain moisturizing and soothing ingredients that will make shaving less irritable as well as calm redness on their skin. Products like the Murad Man skin care treatment regimen are made to address the irritation and redness caused by shaving.


    Tip #3: Exfoliate to Avoid Clogged Hair Follicles

    For men, shaving their face can mean hair follicles can clog, regardless of whether or not they are already prone to acne or if they have an established acne treatment regimen. Clogged facial hair follicles caused by ingrown hairs are bumps on the skin that cause redness, irritation, and can even lead to breakouts. To clear out the layer of dead skin to defend from these unattractive bumps.


    Tip #4: Men’s Skin Care should Address Anti-Aging Products

    Tips for Men’s Skin CareJust like women, men can get wrinkles from all the same places: the sun, stress, and even general environmental pollution. Just because it’s seems okay for men to look more “aged,” that doesn’t mean that men have to let the signs of aging take over their skin! Men can benefit just as much from an anti-aging skin care regimen as women can.


    Tip #5: It’s Okay for Men’s Skin Care Products to be Different

    Men need a skin care regimen but that doesn’t mean it should be exactly the same as a woman’s skin care regimen! You might think exfoliation is just exfoliation, but while it’s just as important for women’s skin care routines, men’s skin is just as important because of their facial hair that can cause dead skin cells to build up and cause breakouts. And because of razor burn’s irritation, men’s skin care products should be formulated to soothe and reduce skin irritation.

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    • Thanks for the great tips. I was aware of mos of these tips. However, I never thought about exfoliating my skin, facial or otherwise. I always assumed that exfoliating was something only women needed to do. I will try adding that to my skin care regimen, thanks.

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