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    foods for beautiful skin Apart from cosmetic treatments and conventional skincare, foods can help improve the quality and appearance of skin. As the saying goes ‘don’t put on your skin what you wouldn’t eat’, it is important to use natural resources in skincare as well as in your diet.

    There are many “beauty foods” rich in beneficial nutrients and not surprisingly, most of them fall into the ‘raw-foods’ category.

    Raw foods used in skincare can be used both internally (eating them daily) or topically by applying them on the surface of the skin. Here are a few important raw foods, and their role for beautiful skin:
    Papaya: this colorful fruit is one of the most important exotic fruits in skincare. Its rich content of minerals, anti-aging vitamin A and collagen-supporting vitamin C recommend this fruit in most skincare treatments. Its unique benefit is papain, an enzyme with superior skin-cleansing properties. Papaya enzymes have become superstars in the latest skincare products thanks to their exfoliation and clarifying properties on the skin.


    Cucumbers: due to their high water content, cucumbers have been used in various skincare practices for centuries. Besides the ultra-hydrating qualities, cucumbers contain one of the most precious elements for beautiful skin: silicon. While not many know about its importance for the health and structure of the skin, silicon plays an important role for its elasticity and youthfulness by supporting connective tissue (collagen and ellastin).

    Olives and olive oil: olives are often considered the most beautifying food of all foods! Rich in vitamins A and E, antioxidants, magnesium, calcium and monosaturated fats, they are highly recommended in any diet as well as topically (as cold-pressed oil). The wonderful skin benefits are derived from the compound called squalene which has anti-aging, immunity-boosting and smoothing properties when applied on the skin.

    Onions: wrongfully ignored because of the pungent smell, onions are a precious asset for beauty. Rich in sulfur which cleanses the skin and supports connective tissue, vitamins C and A which are essential for skin health, plus many minerals like silicon and iron, onions are topically used in traditional medicine to heal bruises, wounds, pustular infections on the surface of the skin. Including them in your daily diet has detoxifying properties and important anti-aging benefits.

    Coconut oil: extracted from the white flesh of mature coconuts, coconut oil has amazing cosmetic properties that have been known for millennia. Rich in antioxidants and health-boosting fatty acids, coconut oil repairs and nourishes the skin both internally and externally. Massaging a bit of this oil on your hands, face or the entire body, provides exceptional hydration and radiance for the skin.

    Aloe: fresh aloe vera gel does wonders for your skin; applied topically, it is great for healing skin. The magic ingredient is MSM or methyl-sulfonyl-methane which is a type of sulfur that strengthens and regenerates connective tissue and is incredibly effective in treating acne, dermatitis or rosacea. Aloe is great for all skin types and very beneficial for a wide range of skin conditions including aging. Fresh aloe vera gel applied on the face helps restore lost moisture and combats aging signs due to its emollient properties. Because it is also an efficient anti-inflammatory, it is recommended for treating wounds and burns.
    Raw foods have the highest concentrations of vitamins, minerals, anti-inflammatories, antioxidants and anti-bacterial compounds therefore they are recommended for any skin type and preferred to chemical-based cosmetics. Natural, fresh ingredients nourish both internally and externally and help skin attain long-lasting beauty without side-effects.


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    • So I can see you are a fan of raw food “eaten”, but what is your take on supplements.. do you think they offer the same (or at least similar) benefits?


    • Supplements offer similar benefits and definitely help when our food doesn’t supply the daily necessary value of nutriets, but supplements should not replace the raw food which also provides fiber, protein, enzymes that supplements don’t have.

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