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    hair care and skincare

    Your scalp’s wellbeing is very much related to your entire skin. Often people with certain skin conditions have problems with their scalp or hair as well, therefore the two should always be treated in tandem for lasting results. 

    Itchy, irritated scalp and dandruff are some of the unpleasant issues associated with acne prone skin. Make sure you treat the scalp appropriately and avoid harsh ingredients that can also cause damage to your face. You should use gentle shampoos or quality hair products.

    Here are a few rules to follow:

    1. Shampoo your scalp and not your hair. The scalp produces sebum – so treat that area alone. When you wash off the shampoo it will also wash away any residue from the rest of the hair.

    2. Do not use shampoo and conditioner in excess. Hair needs its essential oils to protect itself and stay healthy and a high amount of cosmetics would only strip the hair of its natural oil. Apply shampoo on your scalp and massage vigorously then rinse. Apply conditioner on your hair only and avoid the roots if you have oily hair. Rinse well.

    3. Do not spread shampoo on your face. Try to avoid any kind of shampoo on your face – it contains much stronger chemicals than any face cleanser. Clean your face after you wash your hair.

    4. Treat your hair to a natural hair mask. Honey, olive oil, egg yolk are all classic home-treatments. Nourish the hair and fortify it twice a month with these great natural remedies.

    5. Use styling products scarcely. Some of them can produce hair damage but also acne breakouts when they get on your face. Hair line acne is just another type of cosmetic caused by hair gels and sprays.




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