• Genetic Aging: from prevention to its first sign

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    For some people, the first wrinkle is synonym to panic. What is best to do when you see the first aging sign? What about what “should” have already been done? Re-evaluating your preventive solutions will not change the inevitable genetic aging you’re just experiencing. You inherit your parents’ skin quality. If their skin aged early, you are likely to experience the same thing. Genetic aging starts early in our 20s when the production of the main skin proteins, collagen and elastin, begins to slow down. When skin loses density, wrinkles start to form deep in the skin layers. And so, you are one step away from seeing the signs. 

    First of all, wrinkles have different causes and it is important to exclude expression lines or environmental skin damage caused by repeated sun exposure, before deciding this is the result of genetic aging. You’ll possibly notice the pattern of wrinkles and expression lines which resemble the ones your parents already have.
    There is no such thing like a miraculous treatment or cream that will make your skin look flawless again, aging is irreversible but luckily, its unsightly signs are manageable. With proper care and consistent skin care, your skin will regain the long lost hydration and elasticity and your dreaded wrinkles will appear smoother and smaller.

    The first sign of aging brings a whole new direction in your skin care routine: you need increased hydration and proper “anti-aging” nourishment. UV protection is more necessary than ever and broad spectrum sunscreens are recommended because they block both UVAs and UVBs. This is the time when skin is prone to hyper pigmentation, and dark spots appear as a result of excess melanin production in the skin. If skin is not protected against sun radiation, the melanin from the dark spots absorbs the solar energy in order to protect the skin, therefore becoming even darker. Avoid extra damage to your skin, sun and extreme temperatures can harm your skin more than you feel and always shows signs later.

    What is the secret behind those anti wrinkle creams? Ingredients are not a secret but they are diverse. There are products based on classic solutions that have existed since the ancient times. Natural ingredients, fruit enzymes, lactic acid, AHAs, all are part of the modern anti aging skin care. It is important to exfoliate the outer dead cells in order to minimize wrinkles and reveal the natural glow of your skin. AHAs (Alpha Hydroxy acids) are strong, efficient exfoliators and very efficient on normal and oily skin. BHAs (Beta Hydroxy acids) are milder, suitable for sensitive skin as well, and efficient for everyday treatments. 

    Besides working on the “surface” like a zealous painter, you need to also focus on the internal care and nourishment. Did you know there are foods which are considered “anti-aging”? Include ginger, cabbage, nuts, avocado, forest fruit and garlic in your daily diet. A youthful body is more likely to have young looking skin.

    Preventing and delaying the signs is a matter of good internal and external hydration and more than that, a matter of proper nourishment. Anti aging creams and topical solutions are not good for prevention. While in our 20s and 30s, using designated anti aging skin care is not a good option. Anti aging creams have the main role of treating and not preventing. Young skin needs vitamins and nourishment, complete hydration and protection against environmental damage. Once aging signs show on your face, anti-aging treatments work to smooth out the skin and reduce wrinkles by compensating for the lost elements.


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