• Do You Treat Your Skin Gently?


    Gentle Acne TreatmentNo matter if your skin is dry, oily, sensitive, or is combination skin, any acne treatment plan with the right ingredients should only mean one thing: you should be gentle with your skin! After all, it makes an impression on everyone you see, and it’s the biggest organ in your body. Even though a proper skin care plan is important, many people have acne treatment regimens that are full of steps that are harsh on their skin, leaving room for possible breakouts and future skin damage. So how do you treat your skin more gently? Here are some tips to keep your skin looking clear – gently!


    Avoid Harsh Chemicals

    When looking at the labels for your acne treatment, can you pronounce any of the ingredients? If you can’t, that might be a sign that you shouldn’t use it! If you notice ingredients like Benzoyl Peroxide on the label, chances are it won’t be as effective in clearing your skin without over-drying it. In fact, Benzoyl Peroxide is notorious for over-drying the skin, causing irritation, redness, and dead skin cells that can clog up pores and cause future breakouts. Every skin type should use products that are made of a combination of scientifically formulated ingredients as well as natural ingredients that will be much gentler on your skin.


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    Warm Up Your Bath or Shower Routine

    In your typical acne treatment routine, it seems easier to just let the bath or shower run hot because it’s very relaxing and feels nice. But in actuality, hot water is bad for your skin. Exposure to the chemicals in water and the temperature can leave your skin dehydrated and prone to breakouts. Make sure the temperature in your bath or shower is warm. Another mistake people make is that they scrub their skin very hard to rid their skin of dead cells, when in fact it can cause irritation and redness. And just as you shouldn’t scrub too much, make sure you’re washing your face gently as part of your acne treatment  routine for the same reason: redness and irritation can lead to future breakouts, because your skin has to compensate for the oil that’s stripped from it. And when you’re done with your shower or bath, make sure you’re patting your skin dry – rubbing it dry can aggravate it and lead to breakouts.

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    Men’s Acne Treatment Tip: Shave Gently

    Because men shave their face, they must be very diligent with being gentle when they’re shaving. The daily morning routine of shaving can seem monotonous, leading some men to rush through it, and that can be a disaster for their skin. Cuts, nicks, and ingrown hairs can all aggravate the skin and cause the face to be a breeding ground for acne. Make sure that shaving isn’t hurried – slow and steady (and gently) wins the race! Other than those who use an electric shaver, men should always make sure they’re using a gentle shaving cream, gel, or cleanser.


    Any acne treatment regimen should be gentle on your skin. Not only will your face feel better, you’ll less likely to fall victim to breakouts caused by harsh chemicals, too much hot water, or rushed shaving routines. Be gentle, and your skin will thank you by staying clear and glowing!


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