• Get your glow back with the Spot Fading Duo


    No matter what you have planned this summer, make sure that your skin care is summer-ready with products and solutions that are designed to protect your skin from additional exposure to the sun’s UV rays.

    Make sure that you protect your skin with sunscreen, moisturizers with a high SPF and makeup with SPF. There is no greater enemy when it comes to aging skin than the sun. However, even if you’re regularly applying sun protection, there’s no way to entirely avoid exposure to UV rays. The sun is persistent, and even with sun block on, in the shade, with a hat, your skin will experience some degree of exposure. Even if you don’t spend much time in the sun, it’s still important to protect your skin. Choose a summer skin care regimen that will help prevent and reverse damage all season long.

    Get your glow back this summer with the Spot Fading Duo. These products will improve natural radiance and clarity, while hydrating and repairing your skin.

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