• Green Tea – a benefit for the entire body!


    “Better to be deprived of food for three days, than tea for one”

    (Ancient Chinese proverb)

    We’ve heard so many things about this amazing plant that we can truly say it is an elixir for life, health and beauty. It is so popular for its benefits and the miraculous effects of green tea for our health are still being discovered by scientists every day.  The Skincare industry praises it as well for its potent powers in skin care preparations. Green tea is the second most used beverage in the world after water.

    A cup of green tea contains up to 200 mg of catechins which are polyphenolic antioxidants. Catechins  from one cup of tea/day can significantly help to keep bacteria away or improve the effects of medication. Recent studies prove that drinking green tea, even in small amounts, can enhance the action of antibiotics, making them up to three times more effective against resistant bacteria.

    The anti-inflammatory properties of the green tea are also widely renowned. Due to these special properties, green tea can visibly help improve the condition of the damaged skin following radiation treatment for cancer.

    Green tea is our immune system’s main ally as it enhances all its functions. It prevents serious conditions like cancer or high blood pressure, balances the cholesterol level in our blood, prevents arteriosclerosis, helps fight the Alzheimer disease, diminishes glycemic levels, fights aging, helps fight skin disorders, invigorates the body, fights viruses and diverse types of bacteria, helps in weight loss and dieting etc. All these are supported by the anti-oxidant powers of this plant and the vitamins & minerals complex.

    Other Green Tea health benefits :

    - Speeds up the healing process after a cold or a flu

    - Prevents allergic reactions

    - Maintains the optimal fluid balance in our bodies

    - Prevents and helps heal arthritis

    - Reduces the risk of a stroke

    - Helps control the body weight and to lose weight when dieting

    Thanks to these powerful anti-oxidant and anti-bacterial properties, Green Tea is naturally a very good remedy for the acne-prone complexion and for various skin problems. It is recommended to drink green tea in order to reduce inflammation, to balance the hormonal activity, to eliminate toxins – all of which are factors that contribute to acne. Moreover, medical research has proven that, applied on the face, green tea is as efficient as benzoyl peroxide. However, the best feature remains that green tea has no side-effects.

    • I have been a sufferer of crohns for over 25 years and 3 years ago I started drinking green tea. Ususally about 3 cups a day. I no longer take harmuful and cancer causing pills and my crohns is very dormant. I am 51 years old and my skin looks wonderful and I keep my weight down all by drinking green tea.
      My son uses it to help him loose weight also.
      Its great stuff.

    • Green Tea is good especially for those who have pimples

    • Green tea is full of antioxidants. If one tends to experience oxidative stress (and we all do) due to contributing factors such as car exhaust which contains heavy metals etc., thereby causing our hepatic system to be overloaded in processing these compounds into safe ones within our body. Antioxidants tend to gobble up free radicals. Also the cafeine within green tea tends to be released in a somewhat slower nature into our blood stream, thus the resulting stress from such a stimulant is slightly less on the adrenal glands (Endocrine System), thus not as severe/stressful on the body.

      Dr. T. DNM

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