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    Healthy Skin Care Advice

    It should be no surprise that a healthy diet can help us achieve great looking skin. Skin is the body’s most extended organ and it needs some equally extended care. Fruits, vegetables and the much vital water are guarantees for a healthy skin, not only a healthy body. Unhealthy foods, toxins and poor nutrients will quickly show effects on your skin as well; most skin problems are consequences of an internal nutritional deficiency.

    Topical skin treatments and cosmetic products can be of much help in your fight against skin problems and can improve conditions for immediate results, but if your skin fails to remain healthy, it is time to reconsider what you are doing for its well-being ….from the inside. It might sound like a cliché, but beauty comes from within, literally.

    Here are a few basic rules you need to follow in this inner quest to achieve beautiful skin:

    • Drink lots of water every day; this is essential for a good hydration of the cells and your whole body, including skin and hair; just drinking more water may often solve your dry skin/hair problems. You should drink over 2.5l of fluids/day. This includes tea, natural juice, and milk and soup.
    • Provide enough nutrients to your body; the vital elements that you need for a beautiful skin are Vitamin A (known as the “skin vitamin”), Zinc, Magnesium, Vitamin E, Selenium; make sure you get at least a part of these from natural sources and in case of deficiency, take dietary supplements.
    • Incorporate sufficient anti-oxidants in your diet (fruit & tea) and eliminate toxins by drinking lots of fluids, especially water and green tea; avoid excess coffee and alcohol, these dehydrate your body and overwork your liver.
    • Reduce the quantity of “burdening” foods like red meat and fried food during your meals; replace them with more “fiber” (cereals, vegetables) and lean meat.
    • Give up salt and salty food; be careful with the “hidden” salt in canned food, meat and processed products, cereals, etc they might not taste salty but still contain huge amounts of salt. Reading the label is your safest bet.
    • Eat fish, flax seed or olive oil a few times a week, in order to provide your body with the necessary Omega3 fatty acids that have a very important role in the health of your cells and your skin as well; very efficient in your fight against blackheads and whiteheads, these fatty acids help repair the skin and maintain elasticity.
    • Exercise regularly and maintain a good blood flow that provides the skin with the necessary oxygenation.
    • Keep your skin in clean, good condition with natural ingredients – fruit masks, green tea, honey, clay. Avoid excessive use of cosmetic products especially if they contain too many preservatives, detergents and unnecessary fillers.

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