• Five Tips for Healthy Winter Lips

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    Healthy Skin & LipsWinter is settling in. That means drier air, drier skin and, for most of us, dry lips. Lip care is often an overlooked part of skin care, but your lips are one of your most visible features and lip care is certainly an important part of skin care. This is true all year long, but winter is when we all have the most risk of walking around with dry, chapped lips that can detract from our appearance and our comfort level. So what are the best skin care products for lips, what can you do to keep your lips lush all winter, and what can you do if your lips do dry out? Don’t worry, we’re telling you in Winter Lip Care 101.


    Healthy Winter Lip Tip Number One: Know the Difference Between a Lip Protector and a Lip Moisturizer

    There are two different types of lip products out there in the world. The first is a “lip balm”, which is typically waxy in nature and designed to protect your lips from the elements. The second is a lip moisturizer, which works to infuse moisture into lips in order to repair or prevent drying. Of course, there’s also lipstick, which is purely cosmetic. Think about which need you have for your lips when selecting your product.


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    Healthy Winter Lip Tip Number Two: Put a Lip Treatment on Under Your Lipstick

    We’re not joking when we say that lipstick is purely cosmetic (except for a few rare brands that incorporate lip treatment). If you’re going out in the winter with just lipstick on, you’re going out with your lips unprotected. Put a lip balm or lip moisturizer on beneath or on top of your lipstick to keep your lips healthy instead of just prettily colored.


    Healthy Winter Lip Tip Number Three: Wear a Lip Moisturizer to Bed

    Bedtime. Otherwise known as the time when you put your acne treatment on or apply your anti aging or anti wrinkle cream. Well, now there’s one more skin care step for you to take at night. Sleep with a good lip moisturizer on. Nighttime is a perfect time to replenish the moisture in your lips while they’re not being exposed to the outdoor elements.


    Healthy Winter Lip Tip Number Four: Use a Lip Treatment with SPF

    The sun doesn’t magically disappear in the winter (unless you live in one of those far north places with a month of nighttime!). Not only do you want to protect your lips from the elements of cold, dry air and precipitation, but you also want to protect your lips from the damage of UV rays. Any lip treatment for day that’s worth its price has SPF protection. Make sure you check to be sure that your lip treatment does.


    Healthy Winter Lip Tip Number Five: Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate

    Healthy lips aren’t different from healthy skin in that they start from the inside out. Make sure that you are both eating and drinking a ton of water every day to keep your lips soft and supple. Eight glasses of water a day is the minimum, but in the winter the more that you hydrate the better!


    Lip care is skin care, and skin care is what we care about. Keep your lips healthy this winter. After all, kissing is a great way to keep warm!


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